Chemically competent and high transformation efficiency cells that do not require an electroporator.


Which Competent Cell Strain is Right for You?

  Economical; for routine subcloning Mid-range transformation efficiency High-efficiency, best all around Highest efficiency, ideal for low starting DNA High efficiency, fast growing
Top Selleryesyes
Transformation Efficiency of pUC19>1x106 cfu/ug>1x108 cfu/ug>1x109 cfu/ug>5x109 cfu/ug
>1x109 cfu/ug
One Shot® formatyesyesyes
T1 & T5 Phage resistant (ton A)yesyes
Time to pick coloniesOvernightOvernightOvernightOvernightSame day
Time to purify plasmid DNA after inoculationOvernightOvernightOvernightOvernightAs soon as 4 hrs
Blue/White Screeningyesyesyesyesyes
Efficiently transform unmethylated DNA (hsd R)yesyes
Efficiently transform methylated DNA (mcr A)yesyes
Generate ssDNA (Contains F' Episome)yes
Kit contains4 tubes x 500 µL5 tubes x 200 µL20 tubes x 50 µL20 tubes x 50 µL20 tubes x 50 µL
Price / 50 µL Reaction$2.03 (40 reactions)$9.70 (20 reactions)$18.33 - $23.40$19.05 (20 reactions)$18.90 (20 reactions)
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