Chemically competent and high transformation efficiency cells that do not require an electroporator.

Which competent cell strain is right for you?

  Economical; for routine subcloning Mid-range transformation efficiency High-efficiency, best all around Highest efficiency, ideal for low starting DNA High efficiency, fast growing
Top Seller yes   yes    
Transformation Efficiency of pUC19 >1x106 cfu/ug >1x108 cfu/ug >1x109 cfu/ug >5x109 cfu/ug
>1x109 cfu/ug
One Shot format     yes yes yes
T1 & T5 Phage resistant (ton A)       yes yes
Time to pick colonies Overnight Overnight Overnight Overnight Same day
Time to purify plasmid DNA after inoculation Overnight Overnight Overnight Overnight As soon as 4 hrs
Blue/White Screening yes yes yes yes yes
Efficiently transform unmethylated DNA (hsd R)     yes   yes
Efficiently transform methylated DNA (mcr A)     yes yes  
Generate ssDNA (Contains F' Episome)       yes  
Kit contains 4 tubes x 500 µL 5 tubes x 200 µL 20 tubes x 50 µL 20 tubes x 50 µL 20 tubes x 50 µL
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*E. coli strains also available as high-throughput MultiShot formats