Invitrogen offers a variety of universal-fit electroporation cuvettes for use with E. coli, yeast, and mammalian cells. Our Electroporation Cuvettes are available in multiple gap widths for optimal transformation efficiency for your specific cell type and strain.

All cuvettes are not created equal

Electroporation cuvettes
  Invitrogen’s unique cuvette chamber design brings quality & convenience to electroporation:

  • Reduces the chance of introducing interfering bubbles into the sample
  • Distributes contents evenly for optimal transformation efficiency
  • Allows for direct recovery of cells in the cuvette

Recommended Electroporation Cuvettes (50 cuvettes/bag)

  0.1 cm cuvettes
0.2 cm cuvettes
0.4 cm cuvettes
E. Coli Strains*
MegaX DH10B™ T1R
ElectroMAX™ DH10B™ T1R      
ElectroMAX™ DH10B™      
TOP10 Electrocomp™      
TOP10F’ Electrocomp™      
ElectroMAX™ Stbl4 Electrocomp™      
ElectroMAX™ DH12S Electrocomp™      
ElectroMAX™ DH5α Electrocomp™      
Mammalian Cells
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