Choosing the right thermal cycler (also known as a thermocycler or PCR machine) is key to the success of your PCR experiments across many applications, including sequencing, genotyping, cloning, and mutagenesis. Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers help generate precise, consistent, reproducible results for every challenge, experiment, and budget.

Our thermocyclers are designed for reliability, accuracy, and user friendliness to fit scientists’ needs. Applied Biosystems PCR instruments are equipped with:

  • VeriFlex temperature control technology with segmented blocks that allow for precise temperature control
  • Thermal Cycler Fleet Control Software—manage multiple instruments with the help of optional software to help enhance productivity of PCR machines with this secure remote access feature

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 ProFlex PCR System
VeritiPro Thermal CyclerSimpliAmp Thermal Cycler
MiniAmp Thermal Cyclers
Automated Thermal Cycler (ATC)
 Front angle of the ProFlex PCR System

Front angle of the VeritiPro Thermal Cycler

Front angle of the SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler

Front angle of the MiniAmp Thermal Cycler

Front angle of the Automated Thermal Cycler (ATC)

Block formats3 x 32-well 0.2 mL

96-well 0.2 mL

2 x 96-well 0.2 mL

2 x flat block

2 x 384-well 0.02 mL

96-well 0.2 mL

384-well 0.02 mL

96-well 0.2 mL96-well 0.2 mL96-well 0.2 mL

384-well 0.02 mL
Temperature optimization6-zone VeriFlex Block on 96-well system

2-zone VeriFlex Block on 32-well system
6-zone VeriFlex Block on 96-well systems3-zone VeriFlex Block on 96-well systems3-zone VeriFlex Block on MiniAmp Plus Thermal CyclerNone
User interface8.4 inch touch screen8.0 inch touch screen8.0 inch touch screen5.0 inch touch screenVia robotic platform or desktop software
Max sample
768 reactions (384 x 2)384 reactions96 reactions96 reactions384 reactions
Max block ramp rate*6.0°C/sec6.0°C/sec4.0°C/sec3.5°C/sec3.5°C/sec

* Learn how ramp rates are calculated

Unique features of Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers

VeriFlex technology for precise temperature control

Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers that use VeriFlex technology are constructed with three or more separate heating/cooling elements below segmented metal blocks, each completely insulated from the others. This helps prevent heat interactions, providing the ability to set up to six different temperatures and allow for better-than-gradient control of temperature optimization.

Diagram of VeriFlex technology, showing layers of heating and cooling elements
Line graph showing Veriflex blocks have better precision temperature control versus standard gradient blocks

Benefits of VeriFlex technology

  • Enable highly accurate determination of optimal annealing temperatures
  • Help eliminate guesswork often associated with standard gradient cyclers
  • Help save time by running up to three reactions with different annealing temperatures in the same PCR run
  • Use your thermal cycler as an incubator; take advantage of precision temperature control

Easy method transfer with simulation modes

Simulation mode supports easy transition and mimics ramp rates from old thermal cyclers to Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers, eliminating the need of re-optimization.

Simulation modes available for our thermal cycler models range from Bio-Rad™ T100, MJ Research PTC 200, Bio-Rad™ C1000, Bio-Rad™ MyCycler™, Eppendorf™ Mastercycler™, Applied Biosystems 9700, Applied Biosystems 2720, Applied Biosystems Veriti systems, and many more. Please visit each thermal cycler model for more details on the available simulation modes.

Stay in control with Thermal Cycler Fleet Control Software

Manage users, methods, and multiple instruments through a single intuitive interface

Laptop computer with the Thermal Cycler Fleet Control Software dashboard on the monitor screen

View and control the Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers in your facility with Applied Biosystems Thermal Cycler Fleet Control Software.

  • Start and stop runs on any number of instruments from any in-network device
  • Automatically store run reports on any in-network location. Export and access reports easily.
  • Set up methods, manage reports and firmware upgrades and more from your office, another lab computer, or any other networked device
  • View your entire fleet of connected Applied Biosystems Thermal Cyclers at a glance with the convenient dashboard—see which instruments are available and which are in use

Fleet Control Software comes pre-installed on a server that sits securely behind your firewall giving you the security you need.

Your thermal cycler fleet control can be as restrictive or open as your work requires. Set up permissions in the custom rules menu for methods, users, and instruments. Restrict methods to specific instruments or users, or limit user access to specific methods or instruments.

Diagram of multiple thermal cyclers connected to one tablet to represent Fleet Control Software

Remote access with Thermo Fisher Connect

Storage icon Store
Design protocols from anywhere; easily maintain run reports.
Develop protocols on any desktop computer or mobile device and store them in your secure personal cloud account. Once your run is prepared, start it from your instrument or remotely with Thermo Fisher Connect. After each run, the run report will be conveniently saved in your account.

Monitor icon Monitor
Check run status and instrument availability in real-time
Download our Instrument Connect remote monitoring app to:

  • Check instrument availability
  • Schedule an instrument
  • Check run status

Share icon Share
Discretionary access to project folders and protocols.
Share your protocols or other files with other Thermo Fisher Connect users on campus and around the world. It’s easy, convenient, and protected by the highest levels of privacy standards.

Thermo Fisher connect icon Learn more about Thermo Fisher Connect ›

For peace of mind, the Thermo Fisher Cloud has high industry-standard security, so your work remains secure. We have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer a robust platform.

High-performance PCR and qPCR plastics for optimal results

Five multi-colored PCR tube plates

Applied Biosystems PCR plastics have been designed and validated to work with our thermal cyclers for more than 25 years. Options for every format and throughput need are available to ensure consistent, precise results for end-point PCR applications. Quickly find the right fit and compatible plastics for your desired model and block formats by using our plastics selection guide.

Explore online PCR and qPCR plastics selection tool

OEM Private Label Thermal Cyclers

To manufacture products according to your specifications, leverage our industry-leading expertise and infrastructure as a comprehensive third-party OEM service. We provide private labeled and commercialization services for Thermal cyclers.

To inquire about OEM Private Labeled Thermal Cyclers: Contact us

Learn more: OEM & commercial supply services


Thermal Cycler Software and Firmware Files
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We provide a full range of service options for all Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers.

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Multiplex Dynamic Temperature Verification Service

Instrument qualification service: Have one of our engineers perform temperature qualifications at your site.

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