Front angle on the MiniAmp Thermal Cycler, including the user interface home screen

Backed by the proven reliability of Applied Biosystems technology, the MiniAmp Plus Thermal Cycler and the MiniAmp Thermal Cycler were designed for routine PCR. With their compact design—just 7.5 inches (19 cm) wide—and entry-level price, MiniAmp Thermal Cyclers are perfect for every lab bench.

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Different block options to fit flexibility needs

Both MiniAmp Thermal Cyclers are small thermocyclers. However, the primary difference between the MiniAmp Plus Thermal Cycler and the MiniAmp Thermal Cycler is the type of block. The MiniAmp Thermal Cycler has an isothermal block, while the MiniAmp Plus Thermal Cycler offers an upgrade to a VeriFlex Block for PCR optimization.

MiniAmp Plus Thermal Cycler
Veriflex Block with three red-highlighted zones indicating the three temperature zones

VeriFlex Block (96-well, 0.2 mL)
Three independent temperature zones for easy PCR optimization

MiniAmp Thermal Cycler
An isothermal block with one red-highlighted zone indicating the one temperature zone

Isothermal block (96-well, 0.2 mL)
Uniform block temperature for basic PCR

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Stay in control with Thermal Cycler Fleet Control Software

Diagram of multiple thermal cyclers connected to one tablet to represent Fleet Control Software

Manage multiple users, methods, and instruments with a single intuitive interface securely behind your firewall.

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High-performance PCR and qPCR plastics for optimal results

Five multi-colored PCR tube plates

Applied Biosystems PCR plastics have been designed and validated to work with our thermal cyclersfor more than 25 years. Options for every format and throughput need are available to ensureconsistent, precise results for end-point PCR applications. Quickly find the right fit and compatible plastics for your desired model and block formats by using our plastics selection guide.

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Thermal Cycler Software and Firmware Files
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We provide a full range of service options for all Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers.

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Multiplex Dynamic Temperature Verification Service

Instrument qualification service: Have one of our engineers perform temperature qualifications at your site.

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