Front angle on the Automated Thermal Cycler (ATC)

Looking to automate your PCR workflow? The Applied Biosystems Automated Thermal Cycler (ATC) offers the flexibility, reliability, and performance needed in a complete PCR automation system.

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PCR automation system designed for easy robotic integration

  • Flexible modular design saves space on deck
  • Easy-to-install software solutions for robotic integration: SiLA Rapid Integration™ standard-compatible
  • Software and prewritten application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Free software for stand-alone operation allows assay optimization before integration

Optimized features for automated PCR workflows

  • Automated lid for hands-free operation with a liquid handler or plate stacker
  • Heated cover slides forward to cover the plate nest, enabling thermal contact and minimizing evaporation
  • Automated plate ejectors help ensure consistent plate positioning for half-skirted or fully skirted 96-well plates
See ATC-compatible robotics

We are currently working with robotics/liquid handling system manufacturers on the development of drivers compatible with ATC. Please contact our Technical Support for any questions regarding driver development and robotic integration.

ManufacturerModelManufacturer contact information
Beckman Coulter Inc.
  • Biomek i7 Automated Workstation
  • Biomek i5 Automated Workstation
  • Biomek FXP Automated Workstation
  • Biomek NXP Automated Workstation
  • Biomek 4000 Automated Workstation
Hamilton Robotics
  • VANTAGE Liquid Handling System
  • Microlab STAR
  • Microlab NIMBUS
Hudson Robotics Inc.
  • SOLO™ Pipettor
  • PlateCrane EX™ robot arm
  • PlateCrane SciClops™ robot arm
  • Fluent™
  • Freedom Evo™ Series
Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Thermo Scientific Orbitor
  • Thermo Scientific Spinnaker
  • Thermo Scientific F7
  • Thermo Scientific Momentum
  • If your robot is listed here, contact us or the robot manufacturer for driver and integration information.
  • If you don't see your system listed here, we can work with you and your robot manufacturer on integration options.

Stay in control with Thermal Cycler Fleet Control Software

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Manage multiple users, methods, and instruments with a single intuitive interface securely behind your firewall.

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High-performance PCR and qPCR plastics for optimal results

Five multi-colored PCR tube plates

Applied Biosystems PCR plastics have been designed and validated to work with our thermal cyclers for more than 25 years. Options for every format and throughput need are available to ensure consistent, precise results for end-point PCR applications. Quickly find the right fit and compatible plastics for your desired model and block formats by using our plastics selection guide.

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Thermal Cycler Software and Firmware Files
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Multiplex Dynamic Temperature Verification Service

Instrument qualification service: Have one of our engineers perform temperature qualifications at your site.

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