Due to high background, cloning blunt-end and long PCR products can be difficult and often yields a low percentage of recombinants. Our unique Zero Background technology uses the lethal ccdB gene (control of cell death) gene to enable high-efficiency cloning.

The ccdB gene is incorporated into the cloning site of Zero Background vectors.The CcdB protein poisons bacterial gyrase, causing degradation of the hose chromosome and cell death. When an insert is ligated into the vector, the ccdB gene is disrupted, enabling only recombinant colonies to grow. By eliminating high vector background, the Zero Background technology yields nearly 100% recombinants, freeing you from having to screen hundreds of background colonies.

Zero Blunt Cloning Kits

Zero Blunt Cloning Kits now come with the addition of the ExpressLink T4 DNA Ligase into Zero Blunt Cloning Kits, ligation can now be performed at room temperature in only 5 minutes with reactions typically yielding >80% recombinants containing inserts.

Zero Blunt TOPO Cloning

Go from PCR to clone in just 5-minutes using Zero Blunt TOPO technology. Zero Blunt TOPO yields up to 95% clones with the correct insert and no ligase, post-PCR procedures, or PCR primers containing specific sequences are required.


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