Diverse applications for gold-standard sequencing technology

Sanger sequencing applications

Sanger sequencing is the gold standard for sequencing technology in that it provides a high degree of accuracy, long-read capabilities, and the flexibility to support a diverse range of applications in many research areas. Sanger sequencing is highly recognized for DNA sequencing applications, but also supports applications in RNA sequencing and epigenetic analysis.  

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Recent application notes

A simplified DNA extraction method for Sanger sequencing of FFPE samples
Low-level somatic variant detection in tumor FFPE samples by Sanger sequencing
Using Sanger sequencing to facilitate CRISPR and TALEN-mediated genome editing workflows
Sanger sequencing using Ion Ampliseq Primers and Libraries
Using Sanger capillary electrophoresis sequencing to confirm variants discovered by next-generation sequencing (NGS)


DNA sequencing
Sanger sequencing supports a wide range of DNA sequencing applications. View the applications below to learn more.

Other applications

Areas of research

We have developed Sanger sequencing solutions to help harness the power of sequencing across a wide range of research areas. Discover solutions for your sequencing related research below.

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