Designed with leading researchers

Ion AmpliSeq™ community panels, designed with input from leading disease researchers and verified for performance, are available for any lab to order via These panels are fully customizable, giving you the flexibility to add or remove genes and amplicons to suit your unique research needs.

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OncoNetwork Consortium

Eight leading European researchers worked together with Thermo Fisher Scientific scientists to develop a 22-gene Ion AmpliSeq community panel for lung and colon cancer.

Designed with leading disease researchers, Ion AmpliSeq community panels provide the ability to selectively analyze gene content with the aim of transforming cancer and inherited disease research. Your research will be greatly simplified with the community-wide availability of these gene panels. In addition, for maximum flexibility, you will be able to rapidly customize any Ion AmpliSeq community panel to advance clinical research to fit your own project requirements.

Ion AmpliSeq gene panels for research in breast, colon, and lung tumor variant detection

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Customize any predesigned panel to meet your specific research needs

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Ion AmpliSeq panels for research in Mendelian diseases

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More information on Ion AmpliSeq community panels

Manufacturing for our made-to-order community panels starts soon after you place your order, and typically results in a 2–4 week delivery time. Several community panels are available in an 8-reaction trial size that is stocked and ships within 1–2 days of receipt of your order.

How to order an Ion AmpliSeq community panel

Ion AmpliSeq community panels, designed with input from leading researchers, are available for any lab to order via

  1. Sign in or register for a new account at
  2. Select the "Browse Ion Research Panels" tab at the top right corner of the screen
  3. Choose "Community panel" in the filters for Panel Type and browse panel designs
  4. Add panel to cart and checkout

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