TaqMan Copy Number Assays combine TaqMan MGB probe chemistry with Applied Biosystems real-time PCR instruments to provide a method for obtaining specific, reproducible, and easy-to-interpret copy number results. This fast and simple method can be completed in hours rather than days. Use TaqMan Copy Number Assays to screen specific targets with a workflow that can be automated to process several hundred to thousands of samples in a single day. And because TaqMan Assays are the gold standard for accurate target quantitation, they are ideal for use in microarray follow-up studies.  

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The TaqMan Copy Number Assay Product Family includes the following:

  • Predesigned TaqMan Copy Number Assays
    • Human: over 1.6 million predesigned assays available for genome-wide coverage
    • Mouse: over 180,000 predesigned assays available for gene exons
    • Common vector marker and reporter genes assays
  • Custom Plus TaqMan Copy Number Assays
    • Submit user-defined human or mouse genomic targets for custom assay design including upfront bioinformatic sequence analysis and in silico QC
  • Custom TaqMan Copy Number Assays for other targets of interest
    • Submit any masked target sequences for assay design
    • Submit primer/probe pair sequences for assay synthesis
    • Does not include upfront bioinformatic sequence analysis or in silico QC

Human and mouse TaqMan Copy Number Reference Assays are also available.

As the simplest method available to study copy number variation, the TaqMan Copy Number Assays feature easy assay ordering and a simple workflow to enable quick results.

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