Excellence in LC parts and accessories—designed for optimal performance

Designed for optimal performance

Ensure that you get reproducible and reliable chromatography data by using quality replacement parts and accessories specifically designed for your Thermo Scientific liquid chromatography (LC) systems and columns.

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Featured electrochemical cell technology
Omni coulometric cell

This single, low volume, flow-through coulometric electrode is the only electrochemical cell capable of operation under pre-column UHPLC pressures. It provides the widest flexibility of any sensor and gives users access to electrochemical techniques beyond traditional chromatography.

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Featured HPLC parts and accessories categories

We offer a variety of sample and buffer for UltiMate 3000 split or pulled loop autosamplers. They are available in stainless steel and biocompatible materials.

We have replacement parts and accessories for your UltiMate 3000 autosamplers, such as sample trays and racks, syringes, buffer tubing, and upgrade kits for added functionality.

The quality replacement parts and accessories for Vanquish and UltiMate 3000 column compartments include eluent pre-heater, post column cooler, various valve drives and pods, and more.

Replacement parts and accessories for your UltiMate 3000 fraction collectors include collection and funnel racks, eluent and collection bottles, flow rate and collection kits, and more.

For the UltiMate 3000 pumps we offer different types of maintenance kits, solvent racks, mixer kits, solvent filter, and more.

We offer quality replacement flow cells for your Vanquish and UltiMate 3000 diode array detector, fluorescence and variable wavelength detectors.

For your UltiMate 3000 ECD detector, we have detector cells and other replacement parts such as working electrodes, gaskets and inline filters.

This group of parts and accessories includes the pH and Conductivity Monitor for UltiMate 3000 DAD and VWD detectors, organizer modules, and various detector connection kits.

Unions, tees, and crosses, PEEK fintertight fittings, nuts and ferrules are just some of the reliable, easy-fit connectors for your UltiMate 3000 system.

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