Functional beverages should ONLY be functional beverages

The beverage industry is growing each year with the introduction of new functional beverages, such as vitamin fortified water, energy drinks, anti-aging water, and sports drinks. With this growth come many more analytical challenges. Our instruments and applications help in overcoming these challenges.  

Rapid and sensitive UHPLC screening for water soluble vitamins in sports beverages

Vitamins are a group of compounds that are essential for human health. They cannot be readily produced by the body and so must be consumed in the diet. To ensure sufficient vitamin intake many people use vitamin supplements, often in the form of vitamin-enhanced beverages.

Beverages Applications Notebook: Functional Waters / Drinks

Functional beverages are vitamin-enhanced waters that have gained consumer popularity for convenience, perceived health benefits, and improved flavor over tap water. Industry forecasts predict the sales of these beverages to increase to 4,388.9 million liters per year by 2011.

Analysis of a Sports Beverage for Electrolytes and Sugars Using Multi-Mode Chromatography with Charged Aerosol Detection

Sports beverages are advertised to replenish electrolytes and water lost during vigorous exercise. Analysis for the purpose of quality control or label guarantee presents some interesting challenges, which can be overcome with the correct HPLC column and detector.

Two-Dimensional HPLC Determination of Water-Soluble Vitamins in a Nutritional Drink

Vitamins are a well-known group of compounds that are essential for human health. With the exception of VB6 and VB12, water-soluble vitamins are not stored in the body. Thus, if one’s dietary vitamin intake is insufficient, a vitamin supplement should be added to the diet. 

Determination of Glucosamine in Dietary Supplements Using a Compact Ion Chromatography System

This application proof note demonstrates a rapid, rugged HPAE-PAD method for determining glucosamine in dietary supplement tablets, gelatin capsules, and fortified liquids based on the method published in Application Note 197. 

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