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Determination of Catechins and Phenolic Acids in Red Wine by Solid Phase Extraction and HPLC

Dietary polyphenols comprise a wide range of aromatic compounds that are responsible for numerous organoleptic characteristics of plant-derived food and beverages. This application note demonstrates a simple and rapid HPLC method for the analysis of nine catechins and phenolic acids in red wine.

Higher Resolution Separation of Organic Acids and Common Inorganic Anions in Wine

The flavors imparted by wine are in part due to its organic acid composition. Ion chromatography (IC) with suppressed conductivity detection is an excellent way to separate a large variety of organic acids and detect them with high sensitivity along with inorganic anions.

Alcoholic Beverages Application Notebook

Leading capabilities in liquid chromatography (LC), ion chromatography (IC), and sample preparation are brought together in this portfolio. Applications include: inorganic ions, organic acids, biogenic amines, glycols, alcohols and carbohydrates.


¹³C and Simultaneous ¹⁸O and ²H Isotope Analysis in Ethanol with Thermo Scientific DELTA V Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers

Isotopic analyses of wine has become a widespread tool to evaluate the quality, authenticity and origin. This note shows the ability of the analysis of ethanol with combustion and a high temperature carbon reduction technique in combination with a Thermo Scientific DELTA V Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer.


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Measuring pH in Wine and Juice

Since pH plays a critical role in wine making, measurements are taken throughout the winemaking process, from juice to finished wine. The following application note includes the recommended equipment, procedures and maintenance for accurate pH readings.

Measuring the Dissolved Oxygen of Wine in the Bottle

Monitoring and controlling the oxygen incorporation at different stages of the wine-making and bottling process is becoming a growing concern for wineries. The following application note describes how to reliably measure the oxygen content of wine directly in the bottle.

Nitrogen Measurement in Wine

Nitrogen compounds in juice, must, and wine affect not only the fermentation, but the clarification, aroma, and final chemical composition of the wine. The following application note explains the importance of nitrogen testing in the winemaking process.

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