Understanding the demands of wine safety testing can be a complex task for the laboratory with the numerous analytes and residues to monitor.

Our separation and detection technologies, combined with experienced applications competence and our best suited chemistries, provide ideal solutions for the analysis of wine.


Featured application notes

Determination of 24 Pesticide Residues in Red Wine Using a QuEChERS Sample Preparation Approach and LC-MS/MS Detection

A fast, easy, and cost-effective method for the determination of 24 pesticide residues in red wine. Sample preparation involves the extraction of pesticides from red wine using the QuEChERS extraction method (AOAC version).

Identification and Quantification of Impurities in Wines by GC/MS

In this application we present the design and results of this study, including the experimental method used to detect impurities and the concentration ranges that compare GC/MS with human detection.

Pesticides in My Beverage - Screening (and Subsequent Quantification) of Pesticides in Beverages Using Automated SPE

Extraction of pesticides from drinking water and beverage samples can be made easier and faster by using the Dionex AutoTrace 280 SPE instrument. The data shows that the system can automatically extract pesticide residues with high efficiency and recovery.

Fast and Accurate Automated Method for Free Sulfite Analysis in Wine

In this study, an automated method to measure free SO2 in wine samples is presented. The method is based on the reaction between sulfur dioxide, p-rosaniline hydrochloride, and formaldehyde and employs photometric detection.

Iron, Copper and Zinc Determination in Wine using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

There are many contributing factors that determine the metal content in wine, including; soil, type of vineyard, various steps of the wine production cycle and from wine processing equipment, conservation and bottling. 

Alcoholic Beverages Application Notebook

Leading capabilities in liquid chromatography (LC), ion chromatography (IC), and sample preparation are brought together in this portfolio. Applications include: inorganic ions, organic acids, biogenic amines, glycols, alcohols and carbohydrates.

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Orbitrap Technology for Multi-Allergen Screening in Wine

Development of an LC-HRMS method for the simultaneous detection of food allergens like milk and egg proteins in fine white wine.

Analyte Guru blog posts

Arsenic Analysis and a Classic Movie

“For a gallon of elderberry wine, I take a teaspoon full of arsenic then add half a teaspoon of strychnine and then just a pinch of cyanide,” says one of the adorable maiden aunts in the classic movie Arsenic and Old Lace.

Are there dyes in your wine?

It shouldn't be a blind test! Occasionally, I like to put on a blind wine tasting party for my friends in which I disguise several bottles of wine that cover the range from cheap to expensive and have everyone taste them all with me and record our impressions.

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