SeqStudio Flex HID with 4 plate deck

Designed using capillary electrophoresis (CE) technology trusted by human identification labs for over 25 years, the Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer delivers the flexibility and accuracy your work demands. Innovative capabilities, including a continuously accessible four-plate deck, can help you achieve reliable STR results efficiently. Features such as lab-friendly connectivity and easy, on-instrument training videos can help get you up and running quickly and minimize downtime.

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The SeqStudio Flex Series Genetic Analyzer is available in both an 8- and 24-capillary format. The compact, modern design incorporates a stand-alone instrument with a built-in touchscreen computer and data collections software—no external computer required. The SeqStudio Flex system is designed for forensic scientists at all levels of experience, with a simple one-button startup, spectral autocalibration, onscreen step-by-step routine maintenance instructions, and onboard self-help training videos.

Increased flexibility and capacity

The four-plate deck of the SeqStudio Flex system provides flexibility in scheduling your laboratory’s workflows. You can continuously load plates to maximize sample processing overnight. You can also reprioritize injections to analyze urgent case-samples quickly. The Plate Manager software, available as a desktop or cloud-based application, and the integrated barcode reader provide assurance that the correct plate is assigned to its injection list.


Redesigned capillary array

The redesigned capillary array for the SeqStudio Flex system has a more robust housing that protects the array and detection window. The click-and-slide retractor tab provides for easier installation and more precise positioning. The SeqStudio Flex system uses the same consumables and polymers as the Applied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyzer.


Advanced communications

Integrated into the SeqStudio Flex system are a multitude of communications options. The system is LIMS compatible and can connect to your internal network via local area network (LAN) or Wi-Fi. If you are not able to connect using these options, there are USB ports available for data transfer. Also included is the option to access the Thermo Fisher Connect Platform, which can access instrument service and support safely and securely and enables you to remotely monitor your instrument runs and status.

Remote troubleshooting

Applied Biosystems instrument innovation continues through a digital service ecosystem for remote troubleshooting. Through remote troubleshooting, up to 70% of cases can be resolved in minutes, rather than days. Smart Help brings technical support to your lab at the touch of a button with onscreen technical assistance and the ability to share instrument telemetry data only. Remote support digitally transports our experienced service engineers to your lab via secure, real-time audio/video collaboration tools so any issues can be diagnosed remotely for more efficient service visits.

Watch this video to learn more about remote troubleshooting for the SeqStudio Flex systems.


Optimized workflow

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers streamlined end-to-end workflows for forensic DNA analysis to help you resolve difficult cases and provide investigative leads in a forensically responsible manner. We are committed to delivering unparalleled support and continued innovation to meet your needs today and tomorrow. We focus on forensic DNA grade manufacturing quality with ISO 18385 compliance and providing fully validated workflow solutions so that you can focus on your cases:

Trusted results

Data collection on the SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer for HID is optimized for performance with Applied Biosystems STR kits to generate data comparable to those from the 3500 Genetic Analyzer as shown below. SeqStudio Flex Data Collection Software also incorporates pull-up reduction and off-scale data recovery algorithms.

Example data from the SeqStudio Flex system (left) and 3500 system (right). 1 ng of DNA sample 007 was amplified with GlobalFiler IQC PCR Amplification Kit according to the user manual.

Watch the video on SeqStudio Flex developmental validation results

Rely on our experienced HPS team

Look no further than our Human Identification Professional Services (HPS) team. Since 2007, our HPS team has been helping customers gain confidence in their workflow performance and increase efficiency in their forensic DNA processing. The HPS team has completed over 700 validation, integration, and implementation projects in more than 30 countries worldwide. With a dedicated team of validation specialists, each with forensic experience, we provide customers with unparalleled workflow support on our chemistries, instruments, and software.


Service and support

Every new instrument purchase comes with a standard one-year factory warranty, a one-day HID FAS training orientation, and an advanced digital service ecosystem built right into the instrument. Longer-term service plans are also available that include guaranteed response times and priority phone access to our trained and certified technical and instrument support specialists. Our most popular plan, the AB Assurance Plan, helps take the guesswork out of ensuring instrument uptime, from issue prevention to resolution of performance-threatening issues twice as fast, so you can stay focused on your important cases.

Instrument specifications

Number of capillaries8 or 24
Number of dyes8-dye capable
Capacity4-plate capacity; 96-well plates, 8-tube strips 
Dimensions (W x D x H)70 x 67.5 x 86.5 cm (27.6 x 26.6 x 34.1 in.)
Weight115 kg (253.5 lb)
Power input100–240 V
Internal hard drive512 GB solid state drive (SSD)
Excitation source505 nm solid state laser
On-instrument trackingRadio frequency identification (RFID), internal barcode reader
Communication interfaceConnect cloud-based platform; USB port for Wi-Fi dongle; 3 RJ-45 ethernet ports
ConfigurationStandalone; optional desktop or laptop computer available
WarrantyStandard one-year warranty included; extended warranties available
TrainingIncludes one day of onsite training by an HID field application scientist
Remote troubleshootingSmart Help and Remote Support capabilities enable fast and more effective resolution of instrument issues for reduced instrument downtime

For Research, Forensic, or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.