Unlabeled Glycan Workflow

Label-free analysis of N-glycans and O-glycans

Glycans are often derivatized prior to analysis, but it is also possible to analyze both N-glycans and O-Glycans in a label-free form, typically using ion chromatography (IC) or liquid chromatography with charged aerosol detection. IC technique is sensitive and selective and resolves glycans according to charge, size, composition, isomers and linkage. As an alternative, liquid chromatography with the correct choice of detector can also be used.

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Unlabeled glycan analysis workflow

Unlabeled glycan analysis workflow

Unlabeled N-glycosylation and O-glycosylation analysis categories

Universal native released glycan detection

The new Thermo Scientific Vanquish Flex UHPLC platform offers the ultimate in biocompatible state-of-the-art binary or quaternary solvent blending. The Vanquish Flex platform is designed to deliver new benchmarks in accuracy, precision, and sensitivity in peptide chromatography. With rock steady retention times, you can be confident in the identity of every peptide in discovery, development and QC environments.

Ion chromatography for N-linked and O-linked glycan analysis

High performance anion-exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection (HPAE-PAD) on systems such as the Dionex ICS-6000 Hybrid HPIC System, is a well-established analysis method to characterize released Glycans. The separation is exceptionally selective for sugars and resolves glycans based on charge, size, composition, isomers and linkages. It is even possible to separate glycans based on sialic acid linkage, providing valuable information not only about the sugar sequence of a glycan, but also the subtle linkage differences that may indicate disease states.

Compliant chromatography software

Streamline your laboratory workflow using Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3 CDS software. This software delivers superior instrument control, automation, and data processing for compliant GxP biopharmaceutical manufacturing and QA/QC environments.

Run your routine UHPLC, or LC-MS glycan analyses in an enterprise environment—from method creation to final reporting.

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