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Biotherapeutic glycoproteins with complex glycosylation patterns have the potential to easily fall out of specification with changes in biomanufacturing processes. To meet regulatory demands such as ICH Q5E and ICH Q6B , manufacturers must carefully characterize glycosylation of proteins and its relation to the clinical activity of the medication. The complete analysis of a glycoprotein provides information on the primary structure of the oligosaccharides as well as their variation at individual glycosylation sites. See our complete solutions for glycan profiling of biotherapeutic proteins.

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Monosaccharide and Sialic Acid Workflow

Answer the question - what is the composition of the glycans in my product? To determine and understand the structure of a glycoprotein, the individual monosaccharides and sialic acids present must be identified and quantified. Sialic acids are located terminally on the oligosaccharide chains and are more likely to interact with other proteins and receptors. Analysis helps you to determine the identities and quantities of the sialic acid species in your biopharmaceutical product, an important factor that may influence serum half-life and immunogenicity. Ion chromatography (IC) is the workhorse technique for this application, allowing simple workflows with sensitive performance and no labeling requirements.

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Biotherapeutic proteins, which include antibodies, are becoming the fastest growing category of drugs due to their efficacy for patient health. The complex nature of these large molecules brings major new challenges to the pharmaceutical scientist. Read about the series of four simple workflow solutions we've developed, based on leading technology platforms. 

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