Functional validation of therapeutic targets demands assays that address the specific biology of a pathway, yet provides read-out flexibility to glean information across broad perspectives.  Invitrogen’s cell-based assay portfolio provides a comprehensive, HTS-validated workflow, in a variety of formats and read-outs to let you find the answers that matter most.

  • More than 250 validated cell lines
  • Target-specific cell lines for GPCRs, kinases and nuclear receptors
  • Pathway-specific cell lines for oncology and immunology

Want to evaluate a cell line?

Invitrogen provides evaluations of all cell lines to customers that wish to better understand assay performance using their instrumentation and liquid handling equipment.  

Technology Overviews

Our validated cell based assays utilize a variety of technology formats to achieve high quality results with different readouts.  Learn more about each of these technologies and their unique benefits for each assay.


Beta-lactamase Reporter Gene


Ion Indicators

Cell-Based Assay Validation Summaries

A validation data packet is created for every cell line we offer.  Our extensive validation includes assays for proper reference pharmacology, Z’-Factors, accurate agonist/antagonist response, HTS 384 well format, and excellent reproducibility. 

View the individual validation packets in the tables below sorted by target class.

Target Class

GPCR Biology Assays

Nuclear Receptor Assays

Kinase and Pathway Biology Assays


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.