CellSensor Cell Lines utilize GeneBLAzer Technology to provide you with a reliable, rapid, and sensitive method of analyzing the intracellular status of a wide range of disease-relevant signal transduction pathways upon exposure to drug candidates or other stimuli. When the pathway is activated or inhibited, beta-lactamase reporter activity is modulated and can be measured quantitatively and selectively with the GeneBLAzer Loading Substrates.

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Pathway Cell line Cat. No. Validated data SelectScreen™ profiling
Anti-oxidant Response ARE-bla HepG2 K1633   available
aryl hydrocarbon receptor CYP1A1-bla LS-180 K1678    
B cell receptor NFAT-bla RA-1 K1490   available
C/EBP C/EBP-bla FreeStyle 293F K1634    
cAMP/PKA CRE-bla Jurkat K1635   available
cAMP/PKA CRE-bla FreeStyle 293F K1636    
cAMP/PKA CRE-bla HEK 293T K1540   available
cAMP/PKA CRE-bla CHO-K1 K1535    
Cell Cycle pRB-E2F dhfr(E2F)-bla NIH3T3 K1639B    
DNA damage/p53 Response p53RE-bla HCT-116 K1640   available
ER Stress Response ESRE-bla HeLa K1817   available
Glucocorticoid Receptor MMTV-bla HeLa K1641B   available
Heat Shock Response HSE-bla HeLa K1813   available
Hedgehog Gli-bla 22Rv1 K1838    
Hedgehog Gli-bla NIH3T3 K1642B    
Hypoxia HRE-bla HCT116 K1643    
Hypoxia HRE-bla ME-180 K1644   available
Interleukin 1 IL-1-bla ECV304 K1645    
Interleukin 4/STAT6 STAT6-bla RA1 K1646   available
JAK/STAT irf1-bla HEL K1647   available
JAK/STAT SIE-bla ME-180 K1648   available
JAK/STAT ISRE-bla HEK 293T K1655   available
JAK/STAT SIE-bla HEK 293T K1649B   available
JAK/STAT ISRE-bla Jurkat K1656   available
JAK/STAT (IFNg, IL-6/OSM) GAS-bla ME-180 K1651B    
JAK/STAT (IFNg, IL-6/OSM) c-fos-bla ME-180 K1650    
JAK/STAT (IFNy, IL-6/OSM) SIE-bla THP-1 K1652B    
JAK/STAT (IL-2) irf1-bla CTLL-2 K1653    
JAK/STAT (IL-3) irf-bla Ba/F3 K1654    
JAK2/STAT5 irf1-bla TF1 K1657   available
MAPK c-fos-bla HEK 293T K1659B   available
MAPK c-fos-bla ME-180 K1650   available
MAPK AP-1-bla HEK 293T K1658    
MAPK/EGFR/Ras/Raf AP1-bla ME-180 K1661   available
MAPK/MEK/B-raf AP1-bla A375 K1660   available
Myc Myc-bla HCT-116 K1467    
NFkB NFkB-bla THP-1 K1662   available
NFkB NFkB-bla ME-180 K1667   available
NFkB NFkB-bla Jurkat K1666   available
NFkB NFkB-bla FreeStyle 293F K1663    
NFkB NFkB-bla HEK 293T K1664    
NFkB NFkB-bla RA1 K1665    
Notch T-REx NICD-CSL-bla HeLa K1487    
PI3K/AKT/FOXO3 TREx FOXO3-DBE-bla HeLa K1468   available
PI3K/AKT/mTOR DBE-bla MDA-MB-468 K1814    
PKC & Ca2+ TrkA-NFAT-bla CHO-K1 K1516   available
PKC & Ca2+ TrkB-NFAT-bla CHO-K1 K1491   available
PKC & Ca2+ TrkC-NFAT-bla CHO-K1 K1515   available
PKC and Ca2+ NFAT-bla HEK293T K1538    
PKC and Ca2+ NFAT-bla CHO-K1 K1534    
PKC/Ca2+ NFAT-bla Jurkat K1671B   available
T Cell Receptor NFAT-bla Jurkat K1671B   available
TGF beta and BMP SBE-bla A375 K1514    
TGF-beta SBE-bla HEK 293T K1550   available
TLR3 / TBK1 / IRF3 ISRE-bla RA1 K1674    
TNF alpha TNFa-bla THP-1 K1672B    
TNF-alpha/JNK AP1-bla ME-180 K1661   available
Toll-Like Receptor NFkB-bla RAW264.7 K1673    
Toll-Like Receptor (TLR4) NFkB-bla THP-1 K1662   available
Wnt/Beta-Catenin LEF/TCF-bla HCT-116 K1676   available
Wnt/Beta-Catenin LEF/TCF-bla FreeStyle 293F K1677    
Wnt/Beta-Catenin (APC-/-) LEF/TCF-bla SW 480 K1675   available
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