The G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) superfamily is comprised of an estimated 600-1,000 members and is the largest known class of molecular targets with proven therapeutic value. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s experienced team of GPCR biologists has generated a highly validated and novel family of GPCR cell line products to enable your discovery programs.

The portfolio contains two distinct assay platforms each utilizing FRET as the assay readout: Tango GPCR cell lines and GeneBLAzer GPCR cell lines. Each GPCR cell line platform is available in two cell states: Division Arrested non-dividing cells and normal dividing cells. Click through our cell line product table below and capability links to the right to see how we can help accelerate your drug discovery efforts.

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    Assay Performance Data Dividing Cells Division Arrested Cells Available in  
Family Receptor Geneblazer Technology Tango Technology Cat. No. Cat. No. SelectScreen Service Confirmed  Readout
Acetylcholine (Muscarinic) M1     K1710     Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Acetylcholine (Muscarinic) M1     K1735 K1365 Ca²+(Fluo-4), Phospho-ERK2
Acetylcholine (Muscarinic) M1     K1861     Ca²+(Fluo-4), Phospho-ERK2
Acetylcholine (Muscarinic) CHRM2 (M2)     K1564   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Acetylcholine (Muscarinic) M3     K1716   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Acetylcholine (Muscarinic) M4     K1741   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Acetylcholine (Muscarinic) M4     K1818   Phospho-ERK2
Acetylcholine (Muscarinic) M5     K1728   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Adenosine ADORA1     K1445 K1601  
Adenosine ADORA2A     K1530 K1345   cAMP
Adenosine ADORA2B     K1780      
Adenosine ADORA3     K1837      
Adrenoreceptor ADRA1A     K1470 K1577 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Adrenoreceptor ADRA1B     K1471   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Adrenoreceptor ADRA2A     K1743   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Adrenoreceptor ADRA2A     K1604 K1607  
Adrenoreceptor ADRB1     K1553   cAMP
Adrenoreceptor ADRB2     K1472     cAMP, ERK2
Adrenoreceptor ADRB3     K1745 K1473 cAMP
Angiotension AGTR1     K1443   Ca²+(Fluo-4), Phospho-ERK2
Angiotension-Like AGTRL1     K1754 K1762  
Bradykinin BDKRB1     K1734 K1363 Ca²+(Fluo-4),
Bradykinin BDKRB2     K1790    
Calcitonin CALCR     K1480   cAMP
Calcitonin CALCRL: RAMP1     K1437   cAMP
Calcitonin CALCRL: RAMP2     K1438     cAMP
Calcitonin CALCRL: RAMP3     K1439   cAMP
Calcium Sensing CASR     K1833   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Cannabinoid CNR1     K1513    
Cannabinoid CNR2     K1512 K1567  
Chemokine CXCR1     K1807    
Chemokine CXCR2     K1521    Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Chemokine CXCR3     K1829    Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Chemokine CXCR4     K1779    Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Chemokine CXCR6     K1563    
Chemokine CXCR7     K1832    
Chemokine CCR1     K1787 K1793  Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Chemokine CCR2     K1809    
Chemokine CCR3     K1815    
Chemokine CCR4     K1799    Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Chemokine CCR5     K1788   Phospho-ERK2, Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Chemokine CCR6     K1761 K1765  
Chemokine CCR7     K1531   Phospho-ERK2,
Chemokine CMKLR1     K1527    
Cholecystokinin CCKAR     K1548 K1623 Ca²+(Fluo-4), Phospho-ERK2
Cholecystokinin CCKBR     K1742 K1379 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Complement Component C5AR1     K1746 K1554 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Corticotropin Releasing Factor CRHR1     K1736 K1367 cAMP
Corticotropin Releasing Factor CRHR2     K1733   cAMP
Dopamine D1     K1485     cAMP
Dopamine D2     K1708   Ca²+(Fluo-4),
Dopamine D5     K1784     Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Endothelial Differentiation Gene EDG1     K1520    
Endothelial Differentiation Gene EDG2     K1519    
Endothelial Differentiation Gene EDG3     K1713 K1319 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Endothelial Differentiation Gene EDG3     K1848     Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Endothelial Differentiation Gene EDG4     K1442    
Endothelial Differentiation Gene EDG6     K1622B K1757  
Endothelial Differentiation Gene EDG7    
K1511 K1315 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Endothelial Differentiation Gene EDG7  
  K1849   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Endothelial Differentiation Gene EDG8     K1518    
Endothelin EDNRA     K1726 K1347 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Endothelin EDNRA     K1444    
Endothelin EDNRB     K1727 K1349 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Formyl Peptide-Like FPRL-1     K1532 K1357 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Galanin GALR1     K1616    
Galanin GALR2     K1811    
Gastrin Releasing Peptide GRPR     K1561 K1637  
Ghrelin GHSR     K1819   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide GIPR     K1864    
Glucagon GCGR     K1855   cAMP
Glucagon GLP1R     K1783   cAMP
Glucagon GLP2R     K1543   cAMP
Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone GnRHR     K1854   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Histamine H1     K1703 K1299 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Histamine H2     K1707 K1307 cAMP
Histamine H3     K1466 K1509  
Histamine H4     K1465   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
KiSS1 GPR54     K1720 K1333 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Leukotriene LTB4R     K1748   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Melanin-concentrating Hormone MCHR1 (GPR24)     K1730   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Melanin-concentrating Hormone MCHR2 (GPR145)     K1852   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Melanin-concentrating Hormone MCHR2 (GPR145)     K1836   Ca²+(Fluo-4),
Melanocortin MC1R     K1724   cAMP
Melanocortin MC2R     K1483 K1597  
Melanocortin MC3R     K1744   cAMP
Melanocortin MC5R     K1740   cAMP
Melatonin MTNR1A     K1669    
Melatonin MTNR1B     K1753    
Motilin MLNR     K1862      
Neuropeptide B/W GPR8     K1478    
Neuropeptide S NPSR1a     K1447 K1493 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Neuropeptide S NPSR1b     K1481B   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Neuromedin U NMUR1     K1719    
Neurotensin NTSR1     K1781 K1773 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Neuropeptide Y NPY1R     K1803    
Neuropeptide Y NPY2R     K1479    
Neuropeptide Y NPY5R     K1782      
Nicotinic Acid GPR109A   K1791    
Opioid OPRD1     K1778    
Opioid OPRM1     K1523 K1599  
Opioid OPRK1     K1533   Ca²+(Fluo-4). Phospho-ERK2
Opioid OPRK1     K1576   Phospho-ERK2
Opioid OPRL1     K1714   Phospho-ERK2
Opioid OPRL1     K1786   Ca²+(Fluo-4),
Orexin HCRTR1     K1446   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Orexin HCRTR2     K1737 K1369 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Platelet Activating Factor PTAFR     K1789   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Prokineticin PROKR2   K1856      
Prolactin Releasing Peptide GPR10     K1732   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Prostanoid PTGDR     K1739 K1373 cAMP
Prostanoid CRTH2 (GPR44)   K1859    
Prostanoid PTGER1   K1851    
Prostanoid PTGER2     K1723   cAMP
Prostanoid PTGIR   K1850    
Prostanoid TBXA2R     K1549   Ca²+(Fluo-4), Phospho-ERK2
Protease Activated F2RL1     K1830    
P2Y (Purinergic/
P2RY2     K1722 K1337 Ca²+(Fluo-4)
P2Y (Purinergic) P2RY4     K1863     Ca²+(Fluo-4)
P2Y (Purinergic) P2RY6     K1717 K1327  
P2Y (Purinergic) P2RY11     K1729   Ca²+(Fluo-4)
P2Y (Purinergic) P2RY14     K1858      
Relaxin RLN3R1     K1569    
Secretin SCTR     K1805    
Serotonin HTR1A (5HT1A)   K1857   Phospho-ERK2
Serotonin HTR2B   K1847    
Serotonin HTR1D     K1524      
Serotonin HTR2A     K1562 K1613  Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Serotonin HTR2C     K1877      Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Serotonin HTR2C            Ca²+(Fluo-4)
Serotonin HTR7     K1704    
Somatostatin SSTR1     K1570    
Somatostatin SSTR2     K1582    
Somatostatin SSTR5     K1575 K1573  
Tachykinin TACR1   K1801    
Tachykinin TACR2   K1844   Ca²+(Fluo-4), Phospho-ERK2
Tachykinin TACR3     K1603    
Vasopressin & Oxytocin AVPR1a     K1715 K1323 Ca²+(Fluo-4), Phospho-ERK2
Vasopressin & Oxytocin AVPR2     K1718 K1329 cAMP
Vasopressin & Oxytocin OXTR   K1835    
VIP & PACAP VPAC1     K1705   cAMP
VIP & PACAP VPAC2     K1706   cAMP
VIP & PACAP ADCYAP1R1 (PAC1)     K1525 K1619 cAMP
Orphan GPR1   K1839     cAMP
Orphan GPR21   K1840      
Orphan GPR23   K1841      
Orphan GPR35     K1872    
Orphan GPR39   K1842      
Orphan GPR119     K1486 K163B1  
Orphan GPR119     K1777 K1770    
Orphan GPR120 (short)   K1845      
Orphan GPR132 (G2A)     K1749      
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