Cell Counting Lab Essentials

Cell counting is fundamental for all cell culture researchers. We offer a range of high-quality Gibco reagents to support the growth, maintenance, and dissociation of many mammalian cell types. The easy-to-use Invitrogen Countess II Automated Cell Counters offer advanced autofocusing and counting algorithms to allow you to quickly and accurately count cells, while avoiding user variation associated with counting.

Gibco Cell Dissociation Reagents

Gibco trypsin and alternative cell dissociation products are ideal for use with tissues and cell monolayers.  Available in a variety of formats to meet the varied needs of researchers performing adherent cell culture.

Get reliable dissociation for adherent cell culture

For the growth and maintenance of your cells

Nunc cell culture plastics, Gibco media and FBS are a proven combination for happy cells—and happy scientists. 

Explore our extensive cell culture portfolio

Determine your cell viability

We’ve developed quick and convenient assays to help you easily determine viability for individual cells within a population.

Find mammalian cell viability assays

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