New to Gene Synthesis? From project setup through to final ordering, we've got you covered with our tutorials that will guide you each step of the way.

Configure your project

Project setup

Learn how to:

  • Create a new project folder
  • Begin your Gene Synthesis
  • Build a service tree

GeneArt® Gene Synthesis - function overview

Learn how to:

  • Enter a DNA or Protein Sequences
  • Edit a sequence
  • Optimize a sequence

GeneArt® Gene Synthesis - quick order

Learn how to:

  • Enter a DNA sequence that does not require and edits or optimization

GeneArt® Gene Synthesis - edit and optimize a sequence

Learn how to:

  • Enter a DNA or Protein Sequences
  • Select an ORF
  • Choose cloning sites
  • Optimize a sequence

GeneArt® Subcloning Service - how to start

Learn how to:

  • Clone your gene into a Life Technologies vector
  • Clone your gene into a custom vector

GeneArt Elements - vector construction

This video shows how to use the elements to build custom vector.

Add to cart and place your order

Learn how to:

  • Entering shipping information
  • Entering billing information
  • Adding to cart

Large order assistant—easy ordering of large number of gene constructs

This video provides an easy step to step on how to place large orders on gene constructs.

Single variants

Learn how to:

  • Choose, which sequence qualifies as single variant
  • Design a single variant service
  • Enter your single variant sequence

Variant bundles

Learn how to:

  • Choose, which sequences qualifies as variants
  • Design your variant bundle service
  • Enter your variant sequences

GeneArt express cloning service

This video introduces new service—Express Cloning service. Customers can have their synthesized genes directly cloned into a selected expression vector to save up to 5 days.

Learn more about GeneArt™

Take a tour of the GeneArt™ Facilities:

Gene Optimization:

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