GeneArt® TALsTranscription activator–like effector nuclease (TAL, TALE, or TALEN) proteins are naturally occurring transcriptional activators secreted by Xanthomonas spp. into their plant hosts. The deciphering of the TAL effector “code” led to the engineering of designer TAL effector proteins, a new approach to genome editing. Whether through targeted nucleases for genome engineering, or by precisely directed moderators of gene expression, GeneArt® TALs are already helping advance a broad range of life science applications, including cell, molecular, and synthetic biology; drug discovery; and biofuels research.

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Precise and extraordinarily flexible genome editing

GeneArt® TALs provide a custom DNA-binding proteins for accurate DNA targeting and precise gene editing and gene regulation. Unlike other technologies that limit the choice of targets, or provide ambiguous results, GeneArt® TAL enables the targeting of any locus in the genome. Thermo Fisher Scientific now offers TAL nucleases with new design that removes the 5’ base constraint and therefore can be designed to target any desired sequence within the genome, a technology we've termed GeneArt® PerfectMatch TALs. GeneArt® PerfectMatch TALs are offered as Gateway® entry vectors with FokI nuclease or with CMV-driven expression for ready-to-transfect expression in mammalian systems. GeneArt® Precision TALs offers site-specific delivery of nucleases, activators, repressors, chromatin modifiers, genomic labels, and cross-linking molecules. This genome editing technology is known to function in a variety of host systems, including bacteria, yeast, plants, insects, zebrafish, and mammals.

GeneArt® TALs fit your project and your budget

Recent improvements in GeneArt® TAL design and manufacturing have allowed us to significantly increase the flexibility and reduce the cost of genome editing with designer GeneArt® Precision TALs and GeneArt® PerfectMatch TALs. Our new pricing should allow all researchers to experience the power of GeneArt® TALs for all-around freedom and unlimited genome targeting.

New pricing!

  • Industrial:  $3,000/pair
  • Academic: $2,000/pair

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Precise genome editing for every gene locus is now within your reach

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Ordering GeneArt® TALs

The fastest and easiest way to design, edit, optimize, and order GeneArt® Precision TALs is through the GeneArt® portal. For GeneArt® PerfectMatch TALs, you can download and complete the TALEN order form and email it to

Order online

The ordering process is simple; just follow the three steps below:

  1. Select the functionality (effector domain) of your TAL from Table 1. For details, refer to the ‘TALEN functionality overview
  2. Select the product name from Table 1.
  3. Then place your order through our online design tool within the GeneArt® portal, or you can download (.xls) and complete the TALEN order form and email it to

If you have a question or need free design consultation, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.
We will ship you a clone with a verified, optimized sequence approximately 2 weeks after confirming your order.

Table 1. Available effector domains

Product Effector domain Functionalities   Applications
GeneArt® Precision TAL or
GeneArt® PerfectMatch TAL
Fok1 endonuclease Gene targeting
(Native TAL Fok1)
  • Silencing
  • Incorporation of exogenous DNA
Fok1 endonuclease Gene targeting
(Truncated TAL)
  • Silencing
  • Incorporation of exogenous DNA
GeneArt® Precision TAL VP16 activator Activation of transcription
(Native TAL VP16)
  • Increasing the expression level of endogenous gene isoforms
VP64 activator Activation of transcription
(Native TAL VP64)
  • Increasing the expression level of endogenous gene isoforms
KRAB repressor Epigenetic repression of transcription
(TAL repressor)
  • Heritable knockdown of gene expression
(MCS) Steric repression & custom design
(Native TAL MCS)
  • Transient knockdown of gene expression
  • Target any locus in the genome with the effector domain of your choice
(MCS) Steric repression & custom design
(Truncated TAL MCS)
  • Transient knockdown of gene expression
  • Target any locus in the genome with the effector domain of your choice
KRAB = Krüppel associated box; MCS = multiple cloning site; TAL = transcription activator–like (DNA-binding domain).

An essential tool for monitoring the efficiency of your genome editing experiments

When using genome editing tools such as CRISPRs, TALs, or zinc finger nucleases to obtain targeted mutations, it is necessary to determine the efficiency with which these nucleases cleave the target sequence prior to continuing with labor-intensive and expensive experiments. The GeneArt® Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit provides a simple, reliable, and rapid method to determine the nuclease cleavage efficiency at a given locus.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.