TOPO cloning kits with Mach1-T1R competent cells make cloning fast and simple. Mach1 cells deliver robust growth for miniprep analysis in just four hours, saving up to 2 days compared to restriction enzyme and ligation cloning.

We offer a suite of TOPO cloning kits with Mach1-T1R competent cells for basic cloning of Taq-amplified fragments, blunt-ended fragments, sequencing, long-fragment PCR cloning, and entry into the Gateway system.  Simply add your PCR product (blunt-ended fragment or amplified using Taq polymerase) to the appropriate vector, incubate for 5 minutes and transform into our fast growing Mach1 competent cells.

TOPO cloning protocol
Mach1-T1R E. coli growth analysis

Invitrogen's Mach1-T1RE. coli achieve sufficient growth for miniprep analysis from an overnight colony in just four hours (Figure 1) compared to conventional strains which require an overnight incubation.

Mach1-T1R cells offer several advantages:

  • Reduced occurrence of unwanted recombination
  • Resistance to T1 and T5 phages
  • Clean DNA preparations
  • Blue/white screening for easy, visual recombinant clone identification

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.