RNA Cloning

Obtaining high-quality, intact RNA is the first and often the most critical step in performing many fundamental molecular biology experiments, including RNA cloning. For RNA cloning, we recommend starting with polyadenylated RNA (poly(A)+ RNA), which comprises messenger RNA (mRNA) rather than total RNA. Our Dynabeads mRNA DIRECT products employ a magnetic capture-bead strategy to offer maximum RNA yield, purity, and integrity from a wide range of sample types.

Dynabeads mRNA DIRECT Kit

  • Designed for a broad range of sample types, including blood, serum, and plasma; mammalian, amphibian, fish, plant, and insect tissues; FFPE samples; and yeast
  • Physical mRNA capture on mobile magnetic beads for maximum poly(A)+ RNA recovery
  • Recovered mRNA is suitable for virtually any downstream application, including RNA cloning, RACE, cDNA library construction, quantitative RT-PCR, SAGE, ribonuclease protection assays, subtractive hybridization, and primer extension
  • Versatile elution options, including eluting in as little as 5 µL or skipping elution and adding Dynabeads® magnetic beads to your downstream reaction

Cloning workflow