Optimal RNA extraction is a key to success for any RT-qPCR experiment. To avoid false positives and background, the complete removal of genomic DNA is another key variable. Ambion® products will simplify your experiments. You can even get RT-qPCR results direct from cells without prior RNA isolation with Ambion® Cells-to-CT™ kits

DNA & RNA Selection Guide

Which RNA Isolation Kit is Right for Your qRT-PCR Experiment?

Gold standard for highly pure, intact RNA High-quality RNA in less than 20 minutes High-throughput purification of RNA and DNA Complete, no purification system for qRT-PCR results
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  Trizol® Reagents PureLink™ Kits MagMAX™ Kits Cells to Ct™ Kits
Recommendations Most Cited, Top Seller Best for qRT-PCR
Isolation method Organic reagent Silica filter, column format (convenience) Magnetic beads (scalability, flexibility) Chemical lysis (time to qRT-PCR results)
High throughput compatible No Yes (plate format available) Yes Yes
RT reagents included No No No Yes
qPCR reagents included No No No Yes
Prep time ~1hr < 20 minutes ~45 minutes 10 minutes
Compatible sample types Most sample types, particularly more difficult to lyse Cells and tissues Cells, blood, plants Cells
Amount of starting material 100 mg of tissue or 107 cells (requires 1ml reagent) Up to 200 mg tissue, 5x106 to 1 x 108 cells Up to 100 mg tissue, Up to 5x106 cells 1–10,000 cells
Price per prep range $1.40 - $7.42 $4.50 - $6.03 $3.00 - $8.00 $9.62 - $19.00

Eliminate Genomic DNA Contamination

Genomic DNA contamination can lead to false positive RT-PCR results. We offer a variety of Ambion® tools for minimizing genomic DNA contamination from RNA samples prior to RT-PCR. For example, DNA-free™ DNase Treatment and Removal Reagents are designed for removing contaminating DNA from RNA samples and for the removal of DNase after treatment without Proteinase K treatment and organic extraction. In addition, we offer TURBO DNase™ enzyme kits, a hyperactive enzyme engineered from wild-type bovine DNase. The proficiency of TURBO DNase™ enzyme in binding very low concentrations of DNA means that the enzyme is particularly effective in removing trace quantities of DNA contamination.  To prevent cross contamination during PCR experiments, we also offer DNAZap™ DNA Degradation Solution and RNase-free barrier pipette tips.