MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are an important class of small RNAs that regulate protein translation. Much effort has gone into understanding how, when, and where miRNAs are produced and function in cells, tissues, and organisms. Each miRNA is thought to regulate multiple genes, and since hundreds of miRNAs are predicted to be present in higher eukaryotes the potential regulatory circuitry afforded by miRNAs is enormous. Some scientists believe that the number of miRNAs could exceed 1,000. Cloning and sequencing have been used to identify most of the known mammalian miRNAs. Isolating the mature miRNA fraction is the first critical step in cloning these small regulatory molecules, and Ambion scientists have developed the tools you’ll need for your miRNA cloning experiments.

mirVana miRNA Isolation Kit

Efficient Recovery of Small RNA
This kit effectively recovers all RNA—from large mRNA and ribosomal RNA down to 10mers—from virtually all cell and tissue types. The mirVana miRNA Isolation Kit enables

  • Efficient isolation of small RNA–containing total RNA
  • Enrich for small RNA <200 nt to increase sensitivity in downstream analyses
  • Ideal for miRNA, siRNA, shRNA, and snRNA analysis

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