MagMAX express magnetic particle processor

MagMAX™ Express 24-well instruments with serial numbers lower than 700-381 and MagMAX™ Express-96 instruments with serial numbers lower than 710-573 were shipped with version 1 protocols only. If your instrument's serial number is EQUAL TO OR HIGHER than these numbers, your instrument already has the version 2 protocols.

The MagMAX Express magnetic particle processors for Express instruments is the premier automated platform to meet your throughput needs. It seamlessly incorporates the rapid, reliable, and cost-efficient magnetic bead-based extraction of nucleic acids that you expect from MagMAX technology.

How to load new protocols onto my MagMAX express instrument

To uploading new scripts to the MagMAX™ Express instrument:

  1. Load software (KingFisher software v2.6.2) onto a computer with a serial port.
  2. Save .kf2 file to import to desktop or hard drive of the computer by right clicking on one of the links below and choosing the “save as” option.
    • Note: Depending on the browser that you are using, the option may be “save target as” or “save link as”.
  3. Open the KingFisher software.
  4. Import the file:
    • Select “Protocol” tab → ”Import/export protocols” → Click on “Read file” → browse for the file to import and click “open”→ select desired file(s) to import → click “import”
  5. Add the serial number of the machine to the software:
    • Select “instrument” Tab → “instrument configuration” → “new” → add serial number
  6. Send protocol to instrument:
    • Select “instrument” Tab → “Send protocol to instrument” → select correct machine in the new window → select the protocol to send → click on “send protocol”

PLEASE NOTE: Customers who have validated specific scripts should continue using the versions that they validated. Both version 1 and version 2 scripts are provided on this page to enable customers to save an archived copy, update version 1 instruments to version 2, or revert a version 2 instrument to version 1. Version 3 scripts are identical to version 2 scripts, except for a slower elution shaking speed in version 3.

Which version of protocols were pre-loaded on my MagMAX™ express instrument?

  Version 1 protocols Version 2 protocols
 Serial numberSerial number
MagMAX™ Express Particle Processor (24-well)< 700-381≥ 700-381
MagMAX™ Express-96 Particle Processor< 710-573≥ 710-573

Updated scripts for part numbers 4462359, AMB1836-5, AM1836

NOTE: These updated scripts are identical to Version 2 scripts, except for a slower elution shaking speed.

Resources for RNA analysis using magnetic particle processors