RNA biomarkers can be effective indicators of biological processes, pathological processes, or potential responses to treatment. While RNA biomarkers are often identified using profiling methods such as RNA-seq or microarray, biomarker verification requires robust, cost-effective techniques that enable reproducible measurement of differential expression. QuantiGene Gene Expression Assays are ideal for verification of gene expression biomarkers.

QuantiGene Assays can quickly and robustly verify gene expression biomarkers:

  • Demonstrated concordance with biomarker discovery and expression profiling techniques such as whole-transcriptome microarrays (Hall, Linton)
  • Measure up to 80 genes simultaneously from classically difficult sample types such as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections or whole blood, with minimal sample preparation required

QuantiGene Assays are ideal for use with FFPE tissue samples because:

  • Probe hybridization approach is insensitive to formalin-induced chemical modifications such as RNA-protein crosslinking
  • Several short capture and detection probes enable the measurement of degraded RNA, with 28S:18S ratios as low as 0.1
  • Compatible with H&E-stained FFPE tissue sections

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