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Measure pH, ion concentration, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature with a single, powerful meter. Our benchtop and portable multiparameter meters are designed to increase your productivity in the lab and in the field.

Choosing a multiparameter meter reduces the amount of equipment on your benchtop or in your hands while in the field, eliminates the need for multiple meters as the display showcases multiple parameters on one unit, and saves time in transferring electrodes from meter to meter for measurements. Combine your parameters today for simultaneous measurements saving space, time, and money.

Learn more about the regulatory requirements our benchtop and portable meters can assist you with.

Available Multiparameter Meters


The accuracy and reliability of your measurements depends on the instrumentation you use. Learn more about how you can identify the best match based on your required features, performance, specifications, and budget.


Our portable meters are rugged and waterproof, and provide dependable performance in the field without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.

Alternatively, Thermo Scientific also offers a multiparameter pocket tester as a budget-friendly on-the-go electrochemical testing solution. Measure pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity and temperature with our Elite PCTS pocket tester.

International standards for regulatory compliance requirements: 






China MEP






EPA 150.14500-H+(B)D1293 (A,B)10523GB/T 6920<791>2.2.3973.41FDA - 21 CFR 114.90

pH of soil/solid waste

SW-846 9040C & 9045D D497210390GB/T15555  994.16–994.18USDA NRCS


EPA 120.1; SW-846 9050A2510 (B)D1125 (A)7888n/a<645>2.2.38973.40PSS-78 (salinity)

Dissolved oxygen

 4500-O (G)D888 (B, C)17289; 5814HJ506    


 5210 (B) 5815HJ505  973.44 


SW-846 92144500-F (C )D1179 (B)10359GB7484    


 4500-NH3 (D, E) D1426 (B)6778     


Orion 601; SW-846 9210A4500-NO3 (D)       


SW-846 92154500-S2 (G)D4658      


SW-846 92134500-CN (F)D2036 (A)      


SW-846 92124500-Cl (D)D512 (C) GB11896    


SW-846 9211        
 SM: Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater. APHA, AWWA, WEF.
 ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
 ISO: International Organization for Standardization
 USP: United States Pharmacopeia
 EP: European Pharmacopeia
 China MEP: China Ministry of Environmental Protection
 AOAC: Association of Official Analytical Chemists
 NRCS: Natural Resources Conservation Service
 PSS-78: Practical Salinity Scale of 1978
 FDA: U.S. Food and Drug Administration
 USDA: United States Department of Agriculture

Features of Thermo Scientific Multiparameter Meters

Ease-of-use with Orion multiparameter meters

Focused on
ease of use

  • Large, easy-to-view displays make recording measurements easier and faster, and can reduce documentation errors 
  • Onscreen instructions provide guidance on calibration and setup for more consistent operation with minimum training
Reliable electrochemistry measurements in the field

Provide fast and reliable measurements

  • Selectable read modes and reading stability indicator capture and notify when measurements are ready 
  • Calibration information shown with measurements and selectable alarms help to ensure measurement integrity
Assist with compliance requirements

Assist with compliance requirements

  • Measure pH, mV, relative mV, or ORP with temperature
  • Perform pH calibrations with automatic buffer recognition of NIST or DIN buffers and manual buffer value entry options
  • View up to 0.001 pH resolution, perform up to a six-point calibration, and record key calibration data including slope

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Meter Accessories

find the right benchtop meter for your pH and ORP measurement needs

Enhance your productivity while protecting your investment. We offer an assortment of meter accessories for our benchtop and portable meters.

Electrodes and probes

electrodes and probes for your multi parameter measurements

An extensive assortment of quality electrodes and sensors are available in a variety of body materials, body styles, fill types, reference styles, and junctions to meet the needs of your sample measurements.

Buffers and solutions

buffers, electrode storage and cleaning solutions

We offer buffers, electrode storage solutions, electrode cleaning solutions, lab buffer kits, and electrode filling solutions for your measurement needs. Find the buffers and solutions that you need for your process.

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Knowledge Base: Certificates of Analysis and SDS for Orion, ROSS, AQUAfast, AquaMate, and AquaSensors products.

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