With over 45 years of innovation, we understand that the quality and performance of your liquid handling systems are vital to virtually every facet of research.

We deliver products that you can trust with cutting-edge advancements for excpetional performance and consistency. We understand how instruments, consumables, and service are all equally important to the quality of your research. To that end, we offer a complete liquid handling solution that maximizes research efficiency and results through consistency and compatibility.

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Breakthrough ClipTip interlocking tip attachment

Sample transfers between various labware have never been so easy. Combine Thermo Scientific™ ClipTip™ interlocking technology, electronic tip ejection, and adjustable tip spacing and you have found the pipette that works the way you need in the lab.

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F1-ClipTip pipetting system
Our Manual Pipetting Systems feature innovative ClipTip interlocking technology which ensures a complete seal on every channel with minimal tip attachment and ejection force.

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Leader in pipetting advancements

More than 4 million Thermo Scientific pipettes have been sold in 150 countries. During this time, our goal has been to listen to customer feedback to develop a wide variety of modern models designed to improve precision and accuracy—while remaining increasingly comfortable and easy to use.

History of innovation

  • First variable volume pipette
  • First multi-channel pipette
  • First electronic trigger-action multi-channel pipette
  • First 16-channel pipette
  • First expandable spacing pipette
  • First electronic pipetting tracking device
  • First self-sealing filter barrier tips
  • First extended length pipette tips
  • First ClipTip™ pipette tip to lock on a pipette

40 Years of pipetting innovations
Thermo Scientific liquid handling has led the way with innovative ergonomics to ensure accurate, precise results.

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To improve your laboratory’s efficiency, you should be free to focus on your work, not burdened with managing instrument service. We provide a complete portfolio of customized, integrated, and innovative services and support solutions designed to help you improve productivity, reduce total cost of ownership, and ensure compliance throughout your laboratory—from instrument and equipment acquisition to disposition. Let our expertise complement yours.