A fast, cost-effective way to order oligos

We recognize your time is valuable, so we want to help push your research forward as fast as possible. That’s why we’ve introduced custom Invitrogen Value Oligos—the most cost-effective and fastest way to order oligos from us. Simply enter your sequence and then check out for a fixed price. No hassle. Any time you need to change a parameter, such as scale or purification requirements, the prices will be updated in real-time.

Value Oligos are available at a 25 nmol or 50 nmol scale, with a range of purification options to suit your needs. Whether you need a 5-mer, a 40-mer, or anything in between, it doesn’t matter—you still pay the same price. And Value Oligos are made using the same rigorous quality-control procedures we use when making our standard custom DNA Oligos.

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Value Oligos pricing

Save more by ordering more value oligos—get discounted pricing when you order 25 or more of the same type of oligos. The discounted prices will be updated in the cart.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.