Cancer Research

Discover and verify oncology biomarkers with gold-standard specificity and sensitivity

In the study of diseases like cancer, it's not enough to know whether a gene is mutated or normal—it's also important to know whether that gene is expressed and how it is expressed. Transcriptome analysis of cancer samples is of growing importance in understanding how the altered expression of genetic variants contribute to cancer and other diseases.

Analysis of differential RNA expression provides researchers with greater insights into biological pathways and molecular mechanisms that regulate cell fate, development, and disease progression.  Genomics approaches for biomarker discovery can lead to the identification and validation of potential diagnostic, predictive, prognostic, and therapeutic cancer biomarkers in the future.

Our Applied Biosystems TaqMan Gene Expression Assays enable researchers to reliably detect and quantitate the expression levels of common cancer biomarkers in addition to novel biomarkers identified in high-throughput transcriptomic studies that require verification.

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TaqMan Gene Expression Assay products

Download a list of genes and corresponding Assay IDs for the most popular cancer biomarkers.

Search for a predesigned TaqMan Assay for your target using the tool below.

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TaqMan Array products

TaqMan Arrays are 96-well plates or 384-well microfluidic array cards pre-spotted with TaqMan Assays, saving you the time of pipetting assays into a plate.  Just add cDNA and master mix and you’re ready to go.  Custom TaqMan Arrays allow you to choose the targets of the assays.

Configure Custom TaqMan Array Plates (96-well, standard 0.2 mL and fast 0.1 mL)
Configure Custom TaqMan Array Cards (384-well)
Contact our Specialty TaqMan Plating team to inquire about custom TaqMan 384-well plates.

We also offer a variety fixed-content TaqMan Array products focused on cancer types and pathways.  These products are inventoried with a minimum order quantity of 1.

Standard 0.2-mL 96-well TaqMan Array plates

Fast 0.1-mL 96-well TaqMan Array plates

We also offer a variety flexible-content TaqMan Array products focused on cancer types and pathways.  Flexible panels contain curated gene content, but you have the option to make changes before ordering.  All flexible panels are available for human, mouse, or rat; however, the lncRNA panels listed below are only available for human. 

To learn more, visit our TaqMan Flexible Content Panel webpage and search using the keywords below:

Breast cancer & estrogen receptor signaling
Cancer drug resistance & metabolism
Cancer drug targets
Cancer inflammation & immunity crosstalk
Cancer pathway
Cancer stem cells
Liver cancer
Lung cancer
Prostate cancer

Blood cancer lncRNA
Brain cancer lncRNA
Breast cancer lncRNA
Colorectal cancer lncRNA
Lung cancer lncRNA
Pan cancer lncRNA
Prostate cancer lncRNA

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.