Quickly verify your transcriptomic data using TaqMan assays

RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) is a next-generation sequencing technology chosen by many for the high-throughput discovery of differentially expressed genes. Gene expression microarray profiling is another standard transcriptomic technique.  Data from both technology platforms are routinely verified by qPCR. Together, RNA-Seq, microarrays, and qPCR provide a comprehensive workflow for gene expression analysis, from discovery and testing to downstream verification. 

All three techniques use very different methods and algorithms to measure absolute quantities of transcripts, making comparisons of absolute expression levels difficult. Using qPCR, comparisons of relative gene expression differences between samples is the most relevant approach for benchmarking RNA-seq and microarray results.

Applied Biosystems TaqMan Gene Expression Assays were used as the gold standard in the Microarray Quality Control (MAQC) Project, which compared data from seven microarray platforms (Nature Biotechnology, September 2006). In the technical note below, we also show high correlation of data for differentially expressed genes between these different techniques.

 Technical note: Concordance of transcriptome sequencing, microarrays, and qPCR using Ion AmpliSeq Transcriptome kits, Clariom D Assays, and TaqMan Assays

Our TaqMan Gene Expression Assays come in a variety of formats: from single-tube assays useful for verifying a handful of targets, to mid-throughput 96- and 384-well formats better suited for the verification of tens or hundreds of targets. With TaqMan Gene Expression Assays you get reliable verification data faster – save the time spent designing and optimizing SYBR Green assays – TaqMan assays yield reproducible results with the accuracy and analytical sensitivity and specificity needed to verify your NGS or microarray data.

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TaqMan Gene Expression Assay products

Search for a predesigned TaqMan Assay for your target using the tool below.  For microarray users, assays can be searched using Clariom D and S Assay probe IDs and transcript cluster IDs.  Our search tool also supports GeneChip probe IDs.

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TaqMan Array products

TaqMan Arrays are pre-spotted 96-well plates or 384-well microfluidic array cards, saving you the time of pipetting many assays into an empty plate. Just add your cDNA and master mix and you’re ready to go. Custom TaqMan Arrays allow you to choose exactly which targets you want to verify.

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We also offer a variety of both configurable and fixed content TaqMan Array products focused on diseases, pathways, and biological processes. Search using the tool below:

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