Custom TaqMan Array plates offer the same convenience as our inventoried or flexible (made-to-order) 96-well array plates with the ability to customize your layout to perfectly fit your experiment design. Choose from more than 2.8 million predesigned TaqMan Gene Expression Assays covering more than 32 species, then use our simple, online configuration tool to arrange them in the desired layout. Available in 9 content formats in either 0.1 (Fast) or 0.2 mL (standard) optical plates, you can designate the number of assays, samples, and controls by simply dragging and dropping. Since the plates already contain the selected dried-down assays, the only step left is to add your sample and master mix.

  • Customizable—use our new online ordering tool to select assays, replicates, controls, and more
  • Efficient—setup in less than 10 minutes with less pipetting
  • Convenient—just add master mix and your cDNA sample
  • Easy analysis—compare and analyze multiple plates on our
    Connect cloud-based software
  • Wide compatibility—use on all Applied Biosystems qPCR instruments and BioRad™ CFX Connect™ and CFX96 Touch™ instruments. For more compatibility options, contact Specialty_Plates@thermofisher.com
  • Master Mix—we recommend TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix for all TaqMan Gene Expression Arrays

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0.2 mL TaqMan Array plates

  • cDNA quantity: 1–100 ng
  • 20 µL
  • Run time: <40 minutes or ~2 hrs depending on master mix
  • Optional RFID enabled

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0.1 mL TaqMan Array plates

  • cDNA quantity: 5–50 ng
  • 10 µL
  • Run time: <40 minutes or ~2 hrs depending on master mix
  • Optional RFID enabled

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Adding endogenous controls

All plates contain the 18S manufacturing control (Hs99999901_s1). This assay can be used as an endogenous control candidate for any eukaryotic species. Adding 1–2 more candidate endogenous control assays to your plate is recommended, as 18S is not a suitable endogenous control in all experiments. All TaqMan Array Plate Plus* formats include three human endogenous control genes: GAPDH, HPRT, and GUSB, which are expressed at relatively abundant levels across numerous tissues (based on in-house research). TaqMan Array Plate Plus* formats should only be used for experiments with human assays, not any other species.

Need higher throughput?

384-well TaqMan Array plates are available through our Specialty Plating Service. Choose from any combination of predesigned or custom TaqMan Assays on either 0.1 mL (Fast) or 0.2 mL (standard) plates.

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Array layout

TaqMan Assay and Array files can be directly applied to your plate setup for any QuantStudio real-time PCR instrument while using the Design & Analysis (DA2) app on Connect, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s cloud-based platform.

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Cat. No.
Cat. No.(Standard) # of assays/ controls # of samples Min. order
TaqMan Array Plate 8 4413263 4413266 7 + 1 12  6
TaqMan Array Plate 16 4413261 4413264 15 + 1 6  6
TaqMan Array Plate 16 Plus 4413262 4413265 12 + 4 6  6
TaqMan Array Plate 32 4413259 4391528 31 + 1 3  6
TaqMan Array Plate 32 Plus 4413260 4391529 28 + 4 3  6
TaqMan Array Plate 48 4413257 4391526 47 + 1 2  6
TaqMan Array Plate 48 Plus 4413258 4391527 44 + 4 2  6
TaqMan Array Plate 96 4413255 4391524 95 + 1 1  6
TaqMan Array Plate 96 Plus 4413256 4391525 92 + 4 1  6

* TaqMan Array Plus plates only use human endogenous controls; controls for no other species are used.

(48 Plus = 44 + 4)

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