Our TaqMan Gene Expression Assays enable researchers to discover and verify immunological pathways and biomarkers with gold-standard specificity and sensitivity

Immunology is considered a capstone area of biology, pulling from many fields such as molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, development, physiology, medicine, and pathology.  There are many rich sub-disciplines within immunology, from the basic characterization of immune cells and the molecules they use to fight infections, to clinical immunology dealing with autoimmune diseases.  An emerging area of medical research is immunotherapy, where immune system components are used to treat disease.  The treatment of cancer using immunological approaches is known as immuno-oncology.

Signaling pathways are central to immunology.  Some of the most famous signaling pathways are active in cells of the immune system, such as T-cell receptor, interferon-gamma, tumor necrosis factor, and complement signaling pathways.  Measuring the expression of signaling pathway constituents is a key method for characterizing the response of immune cells to experimental treatments.  Applied Biosystems TaqMan Gene Expression Assays enable researchers to reliably detect and quantitate the expression levels of common immunology biomarkers in addition to novel biomarkers identified in high-throughput transcriptomic studies that require verification.

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TaqMan Gene Expression Assay products

Download a list of genes and corresponding assay IDs for common immunology biomarker targets for your research.

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TaqMan Array products

TaqMan Arrays are pre-spotted 96-well plates or 384-well microfluidic array cards, saving you the time of pipetting many assays into an empty plate.  Just add your cDNA and master mix and you’re ready to go.

Custom TaqMan Arrays
These made-to-order cards and plates allow you to choose exactly which targets you want to spot on your panel - select from any of our >2.8 million predesigned TaqMan Gene Expression assays.  

Configure Custom TaqMan Array Plates (96-well standard 0.2mL and fast 0.1mL)
Configure Custom TaqMan Array Cards (384-well)
Contact our Specialty TaqMan Plating team to inquire about Custom TaqMan 384-well plates.

Inventoried TaqMan Arrays
We also offer a variety of fixed-content TaqMan Array products focused on immune profiling and pathways.  These products are readily available, with a minimum order quantity of 1 for plates and 4 for cards. The 96-well plates are available in both Standard 0.2-mL and Fast 0.1-mL formats.

DescriptionStandard 0.2 mLFast 0.1 mL
Human Chemokines44140844418729
Human Cholera Infection44141754418820
Human CMV & MAPK Pathways44141694418814
Human Complement Pathway44141204418765
Human Cytokine Network44141244418769
Human IGF1R Signaling44141414418786
Human IL-1 Pathway44141424418787
Human IL-10 Pathway44141434418788
Human IL-2 Gene Expression in Activated and Quiescent T-Cells44141444418789
Human IL-2 Pathway44141454418790
Human IL-3 Pathway44141474418792
Human IL-4 Pathway44141484418793
Human IL-6 Pathway44141494418794
Human IL-9 Pathway44141504418795
Human ILK Signaling44141514418796
Human Immune Response44140734418718
Human Interferon Pathway44141544418799
Human JAK-STAT Pathway44141564418801
Human NFkB Pathway44140954418740
Human Phagocytosis of Microbes44141784418823
Human PI3K Signaling in B-lymphocytes44141734418818
Human T-Cell Receptor and CD3 Complex44141864418831
Human TGFB Pathway44140974418742
Human TNF Superfamily Pathway44141894418834
Human Toll Comparative Pathway44141924418837
Human Toll-Like Receptors Pathway44141934418838
Mouse Immune Response44140794418724

We also offer a variety of made-to-order, flexible content TaqMan Array products focused on immunological processes and pathways. Flexible panels start with curated gene content, with the ability to modify the configuration as needed. Swap out or remove assays and reconfigure the layout to fit your experiment design. They are available in 96-well array plates (minimum order of 6 plates), 384-well array cards (minimum order of 10 cards), and OpenArray format. Following is a selection of our more popular made-to-order arrays.

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Antibacterial ResponseHumanMouseRat
Autoimmune DiseasesHumanMouseRat
Bacterial InfectionsHumanMouseRat
Cancer Inflammation & Immunity CrosstalkHumanMouseRat
Chemokines & ReceptorsHumanMouseRat
Cytokines & ChemokinesHumanMouseRat
Cytokines lncRNAHuman  
Dendritic & Antigen Presenting CellsHumanMouseRat
DNA Virus InfectionsHumanMouseRat
Flavivirus InfectionsHumanMouseRat
Gram-negative Bacterial InfectionsHumanMouseRat
Gram-positive Bacterial InfectionsHumanMouseRat
Helicobacter Infections  Rat
HIV InfectionsHumanMouseRat
Human HIV Infection and Host ResponseHuman  
Inflammatory Cytokines & ReceptorsHumanMouseRat
Inflammatory Response and AutoimmunityHumanMouseRat
Innate & Adaptive Immune Response lncRNAHuman  
Innate and Adaptive Immune ResponsesHumanMouseRat
Lentivirus InfectionsHumanMouseRat
T Helper Cell DifferentiationHumanMouseRat
TaqMan Immune ResponseHuman  
T-cell and B-cell ActivationHumanMouseRat
T-cell Anergy and Immune ToleranceHumanMouseRat
TGF-Beta Signaling TargetsHumanMouseRat
Th17 for Autoimmunity & InflammationHumanMouseRat
TNF Signaling PathwayHumanMouseRat
Toll-Like Receptor Signaling PathwayHumanMouseRat
Tumor Virus InfectionsHumanMouseRat

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.