Detect specific viruses and verify targets involved in the immunological response to viral infection

Given the recent SARS-CoV-2 crisis, researchers around the world are diligently working to gain a better understanding of virology, viral infections, and how they spread.  With a comprehensive portfolio of real-time PCR (qPCR) solutions addressing the most common viruses causing infectious disease, Thermo Fisher Scientific can help you advance your virology research.

We offer an extensive library of predesigned Applied Biosystems TaqMan Gene Expression Assays, including assays that detect specific viral strains and assays that quantitate the expression levels of immunology transcripts involved in the host response to viral infection.  Complement TaqMan Assays with the application-specific Applied Biosystems TaqMan Master Mix and realize gold-standard sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility.

Discover our TaqMan solutions for SARS-CoV-2 research

Many novel research papers have emerged focused on how SARS-CoV-2 enters human cells and how the immune system responds to the infection. These discoveries are critical to build the body of knowledge surrounding SARS-CoV-2 infection and the resulting COVID-19 disease.  These studies can point to both vaccine development strategies and therapeutic approaches for treating COVID-19.

Based on these studies, we have identified the most common genes studied and curated specific solutions to address SARS-CoV-2 research. Whether you're studying pathogen biology and host interaction, identifying viable biomarkers, or testing candidate compounds for future therapies, we offer flexible, efficient qPCR solutions to help accelerate your research.

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Discover our TaqMan solutions for virology research

TaqMan Gene Expression Assay products

Hepatitis virusHBVHBVHCV    
Herpes simplex virusHSV1HSV2     
Human adenovirusHAV2HAV1HAV5    
Human BK virusHBKV      
Human coronavirusCoV_229ECoV_HKU1CoV_NL63CoV_OC43MERS_CoVSARS_CoVSARS_CoV_2: n gene
SARS_CoV_2: s gene
Human enterovirusEV_panEV_D68     
Human herpesvirusHHV3HHV4HHV4HHV5HHV5HHV6HHV7
Human immunodeficiency virusHIV1HIV2HIV2    
Human papillomavirusHPV16      
Human parainfluenza virushPIV1hPIV2hPIV3    
Human T-cell lymphotropic virusHTLV1HTLV2HTLV2    
JC virusJC virus      
Simian virus 40SV40      
West Nile VirusWNVWNV     

Don't see your target of interest? Search for a pre-designed TaqMan Assay for your viral species using the assay search tool below:

TaqMan Array products

TaqMan Arrays are pre-spotted 96- or 384-well plates or 384-well microfluidic array cards, saving you the time of pipetting many assays into an empty plate.  Just add your cDNA and master mix and you’re ready to go. 

Custom TaqMan Arrays provide you a blank canvas, allowing you to choose exactly which targets you want to spot on your plate.

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Contact our Specialty TaqMan Plating team to inquire about Custom TaqMan 384-well plates.

For a selection of inventoried TaqMan Array products focused on immune profiling and pathways, please visit our immunology research page. These array products are ready to ship with a minimum order quantity of 1 for plates and 4 for cards.

We also offer a variety of flexible content TaqMan Array products focused on targets known to be involved in the immunological response to viral infection.  Flexible (made-to-order) panels contain curated gene content, but provide the option to make changes before ordering.  They are available in 96-well array plates (minimum order of 6 plates), 384-well TaqMan Array Cards (minimum order of 10 cards), and OpenArray formats.  To learn more, visit our TaqMan Flexible Content Panel webpage.  Following is a selection of flexible panels related to viral infection:

Coronavirus entry factorsHumanMouseRat
Coronavirus restriction factorsHumanMouseRat
Coronavirus immune signalingHumanMouseRat
DNA virus infectionsHumanMouseRat
Flavivirus infectionsHumanMouseRat
HIV infectionsHumanMouseRat
Human HIV infection and host responseHuman  
Lentivirus infectionsHumanMouseRat
Tumor virus infectionsHumanMouseRat

TaqMan master mixes

TaqMan chemistry provides industry-recognized gold-standard performance, so pairing TaqMan Assays with TaqMan master mix ensures you bring the highest sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility to your real-time PCR research. Choose the mix that’s right for your experiment.

TaqMan Fast Advanced Master MixTaqMan Fast Virus 1-Step Master Mix
  • Optimized for TaqMan Gene Expression Assays
  • <40 min run time
  • Formulated for multiplexing
  • 72-hour benchtop stability
  • Compatible with a wide range of real-time PCR instruments
  • 1-step formula supports real-time PCR cycling in <30 mins
  • Tolerant of inhibitors
  • High-throughput capability
  • Single-tube, 4X formulation

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