SureQuant Targeted Mass Spec Assay Kits

The Thermo Scientific SureQuant kits enable multiplex immunoprecipitation to mass spectrometry (mIP-MS) for the simultaneous enrichment and quantitation of multiple total and phosphorylated proteins (13 in total, including 11 phosphorylated states) in the AKT/mTOR signaling pathway. Each multiplex panel contains two modules: 1) an IP and MS sample prep module which includes all the reagents necessary to immunoenrich AKT-mTOR pathway proteins and perform in-solution MS sample preparation and 2) an absolute or relative quantitation module, which includes a system suitability standard and AQUA Ultimate Heavy and/or Light Peptide mixtures.

  • Complete – includes all standards and reagents for the successful monitoring of the MS system performance, sample preparation and the absolute or relative quantitation of target proteins/peptides
  • Validated – antibodies, peptides and control lysate rigorously tested for specificity and successful quantitation of each target peptide
  • Multiplex – able to quantitate different multiplex targets (including isoforms and phosphorylated states) from the AKT-mTOR pathway
  • Flexible – modular format allows for immune-enrichment only, or in combination with relative or absolute quantitation

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Thermo Scientific HeavyPeptide AQUA Custom Synthesis Service provides isotopically labeled, AQUA-grade peptides for the relative and absolute quantitation of proteins

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