Sample preparation remains one of the largest bottlenecks associated with mass spectrometry (MS) analysis, and consistent and reproducible sample preparation can make the difference between a successful analysis and a failed outcome. Thermo Scientific reagents and kits are optimized for sample preparation for every step of the process, from depletion strategies to reduce complexity, to protein extraction, enrichment and clean-up for the isolation of low-abundance proteins. Post digestion, peptide enrichment, fractionation and clean-up steps are often critical for proper analysis. The Thermo Scientific EasyPep Mini MS Sample Prep Kit provides pre-formulated reagents and a robust method for the preparation of high quality samples that are ready for MS analysis in less than 3 hours. The colorimetric and fluorometric Quantitative Peptide Assays enable sample normalization following digestion.

  • Comprehensive—reagents and kits for every step of the sample preparation workflow, both before and after protein digestion
  • Optimized—all reagents and kits are designed to maximize abundant protein depletion, or to enhance protein and peptide yield
  • Versatile—products available in both complete kits or as standalone reagents
  • Compatible—all kits are designed to be compatible with Mass Spectrometry analysis
  • Validated—all products have been fully tested and processed samples have been analyzed using Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometers

How to Use video for EasyPep Mini MS Sample Prep Kit

Use this rapid mass spec sample prep kit for protein extraction, digestion and peptide clean-up in 2-4 hours.

Choose the right mass spec sample prep products for your sample type

  Cultured cells Serum, plasma, or biofluids Tissue Purified protein Intact protein


Abundant protein depletion  

Protein enrichment

Protein interaction crosslinking

Protein quantitation assays



Gel separation Optional   Optional

Protein digestion

Peptide enrichment/fractionation

Peptide cleanup

Detergent removal

Peptide quantitation assays

Products for mass spec sample prep

Cell lysis is the first step when extracting proteins for mass spectrometry applications. Fractionation may be required to enrich for proteins of interest or to study protein localization. 

Kits for albumin, top 2 or top 12 abundant protein depletion to aid in removing the most abundant proteins so that detection of lower abundant proteins is enhanced prior to digestion

Enrichment techniques include immunoprecipitation, enrichment by PTM (such as phosphoprotein enrichment), or active site labeling and enrichment using activity based probes

The new colorimetric and fluorescent peptide quantitation assays help to normalize the peptide concentration of samples during each processing step following protein digestion.

Protein gel electrophoresis is perhaps the most common technique used to separate proteins from cell and tissue extracts, blood, or other biological sources.

Proteases to break the proteins of interest into smaller fragments, or peptides for mass spec analysis

Successful analysis of low-abundant proteins and identification of post-translationally modified peptides requires multiple steps: enrichment, fractionation and/or clean up

A variety of specialty devices and resins that simply and efficiently desalt, buffer exchange and remove detergents from samples

The BCA protein assay is recommended prior to protein digestion to help normalize the protein concentration of samples during each processing step

The Thermo Scientific Pierce Mass Spec Sample Prep Kit for Cultured Cells is an easy-to-use, comprehensive kit for preparation of clean peptide mixtures from cultured cells for mass spectrometry (MS) analysis

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