invitrogen collibri library prep kits

RNA sequencing methods are available to match your project goals for gene expression, detection of alternative gene expression, splicing, and budget.

  • Generate whole-transcriptome and mRNA-seq libraries up to 50% more quickly than older library prep kits for Illumina platforms
  • Distinguish between user batch effects and actual gene expression using ERCC controls
 collibri mrna seq library prep

mRNA sequencing
collibri stranded rna seq library prep kit

Whole-transcriptome sequencing
  • Detect coding RNA
  • Gene expression
  • Gene fusions
  • Transcript isoforms
  • Most complete understanding of phenotype
  • Detect coding and noncoding RNA
  • Gene expression
  • Alternative gene expression
  • Gene and transcript abundance
  • Biomarker identification
Reads per sample (millions)3060
Hands-on time (hours)1.53.5
Total time (hours)4.56.5
Input range1–25 ng**100–1000 ng
FFPE compatible?YesYes
Species compatibilityAll

* Inputs of >200 ng are recommended for efficient detection of low abundance transcripts.
** rRNA depleted or mRNA enriched RNA

Identify true gene expression from user effects

Variation in RNA-seq expression data can be attributed to a variety of factors ranging from the quality of the starting material to the person performing the experiment. The External RNA Controls Consortium (ERCC), an ad-hoc group of academic, private, and public organizations hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), developed a common set of external RNA controls to distinguish between these sources of variability and true gene expression. The controls consist of a set of unlabeled, polyadenylated transcripts designed to be added to an RNA sequencing experiment after sample isolation in order to measure against defined performance criteria.

The Invitrogen ERCC Spike-In Mix is a pre-formulated blend of 92 transcripts, derived and traceable from NIST-certified DNA plasmids. The transcripts mimic natural eukaryotic mRNAs of 250 to 2,000 nt in length. Inclusion of ERCC controls in RNA sequencing experiments establishes a standard measure for data comparison across gene expression experiments and makes it possible to measure sensitivity (lower limit of detection) and dynamic range of an experiment.

Transcript molar ratios in ERCC Spike-In Mixes
Figure 1. Transcript molar ratios in ERCC Spike-In Mixes. The transcripts in Spike-In Mix 1 and Spike-In Mix 2 are present at defined Mix 1:Mix 2 molar concentration ratios, described by four subgroups. Each subgroup contains 23 transcripts spanning a 106-fold concentration range, with approximately the same transcript-size distribution and GC content.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.