Silencer® siRNA Libraries are sets of siRNAs targeting groups of genes from functional gene classes to whole genomes, so they are ideal for pathway analysis and target identification and validation. Most feature three individual siRNAs per gene for enhanced data reliability. Full siRNA sequence information is provided.


  • Silencer Kinase siRNA Library, V3
  • Silencer Phosphatase siRNA Library, V3
  • Silencer Human Druggable Genome siRNA Library, V3
  • Silencer Human Extended Druggable Genome siRNA Library, V3

Ready-to-aliquot, fully customizable:

  • All of the above, plus the human and mouse genome collections, pre-defined gene function class sets, and custom sets

Maximum Potency and Specificity

The siRNAs in the Silencer siRNA Libraries have been designed by the same highly effective and extensively tested algorithm used to generate Silencer Pre-designed siRNAs. siRNAs designed with this algorithm provide potent, specific silencing. The libraries feature a combination of predesigned siRNAs, and where available, validated siRNAs. For enhanced data reliability, Silencer siRNA Libraries feature at least three unique siRNAs per target. Screening with three individual siRNAs per gene significantly decreases both false positive and false negative rates, resulting in increased confidence in RNAi screening data, reduction in the chance that important genes will be missed, and reduction in the amount of time spent following up on false positive “hits” from the screen. Pools of siRNAs can be provided, if desired. 

Two Convenient Formats: Ready-to-ship and Completely Customizable

For researchers who require a relatively small amount of siRNA and need a fast turnaround time, we now provide our most popular human kinase, phosphatase, and druggable genome siRNA libraries in a ready-to-ship format that includes 0.25 nmol of each siRNA. This amount is sufficient for >80 transfections of each siRNA at 30 nM in 96-well plates. Figure 1 highlights the gene classes covered by one of our most popular collections, the human druggable genome siRNA set.

All libraries, including the human and mouse genome siRNA collections, as well as custom sets of siRNAs where researchers provide the gene list, are available in fully customizable formats. This flexible format allows researchers to specify the amount of siRNA per well, the addition of control or other siRNAs, custom pooling of siRNAs, and even the layout of siRNAs in 96-well or 384-well plates.

With highly functional, specific siRNAs in pre-defined and custom sets, Silencer siRNA Libraries provide an unprecedented opportunity for rapid, high throughput identification and validation of gene targets in your pathway analysis or drug discovery research.

Figure 1. Version 3 of the Silencer® Human Druggable Genome siRNA Library and the Human Extended Druggable Genome siRNA Library. (A–B) siRNAs in version 3 of the Silencer Human Druggable Genome siRNA Library target 7,784 genes that belong to the functional classes described in the pie chart and table (black text). For more extensive coverage, the Human Extended Druggable Genome siRNA Library targets 9,102 genes (black and green text)—including transcription factors and cofactors, cell junction proteins, chaperones, membrane traffic proteins, and extracellular matrix proteins. Libraries are available with either 3 or 4 siRNAs per target.