BioProbes 67

Going Viral—Fluorescent Probes to Image Viruses and Their Host Cell Interactions
Untangling the viral replication pathways from host cell functions is not a straightforward sorting process because viruses hijack cell machinery upon infection, creating cell conditions more conducive for virus production. Advances in imaging technologies, in combination with genetic and genomic approaches, have enabled the detailed characterization of viruses and their interactions with host cells. Read more ›


Ready-To-Use Reagents Shift the Focus to Results
ReadyProbes Reagents Are the Ones We Use in Our Labs 

Akt Signaling Pathway: The Master Regulator in Human Disease
Dissect the Akt Pathway Using Luminex Multiplex Assays, ABfinity Antibodies, and More 

Unmasking Cell Replication
Reagents for Analyzing Cell Cycle and Replication in Mammalian Cells 

Recombinant Antibodies: A New Gold Standard
ABfinity Recombinant Antibodies Maximize Specificity, Sensitivity, and Consistency 

New Tools for microRNA Functional Analysis
mirVana miRNA Mimics and Inhibitors


Quantum Dots for Live-Cell Imaging
Qdot Conjugates Go the Distance to Monitor Lipid Raft Microdomains 

Enabling New Workflows With the Qubit 2.0 and Qubit 3.0 Fluorometers
A Quality Control Assay for Ion Torrent Semiconductor Sequencing 

Automating Cell Biology
Create Your Own HCS Assay Using Trusted Molecular Probes Dyes 

Determine Yeast Concentration and Viability at Your Benchtop
Yeast Viability Measurements Using the Tali Image-Based Cytometer

When Inflammatory Cytokines Are Unbalanced
Investigate the Role of Inflammation in Disease States Using Immunoassays


Introducing the Cancer Research Portal

We are dedicated to advancing cancer research and the pursuit of a world without cancer. We are here to provide you with the instruments, reagents, and technologies you need to help translate your ideas from basic cancer research to future clinical applications, from bench to bedside.

The newly launched Cancer Research portal is organized into six key research areas—Cancer Genomes, Cancer Stem Cells, Cancer Immunotherapy, Cancer Biomarkers, Epigenetics Research, and Genotype-to-Phenotype Research—and gives you comprehensive access to information on tools and technologies across our portfolio.

Online Ordering for Custom Luminex Assays

Our new online Luminex Custom Tool allows you to customize and design a made-to-order Luminex assay, and then to either purchase that custom assay or receive an online quote. Alternatively, you can choose from existing Luminex panels that contain your analytes of interest.

Custom Luminex multiplex immunoassay kits maximize flexibility in experimental design, permitting the quantitation of one or multiple targeted proteins in unique panels designed by you. For your convenience, each customized panel comes with reagents that are blended, optimized, tested, and designed for use with the Luminex 100/200 System, FLEXMAP 3D System, and the new MAGPIX Instrument (Luminex Corp.).

Simply choose the species, bead type, and analytes that you need, and we will build a kit to your specifications.

Choosing the Right Protein Expression System

There are several protein expression systems available. How do you select the best expression host for your application? Check out our new online selection guide, highlighting the features and advantages of using these host systems:

  • Cell-free (in vitro) expression
  • Bacterial expression
  • Yeast expression
  • Algal expression
  • Insect expression
  • Mammalian expression

From there, it’s easy to compare the methods and consider if you need to scale up your protein expression, or if a new host system could simplify your research

Download Our Flow Cytometry App for Your Mobile Device

Our new flow cytometry app provides you with reagent selection guides and flow cytometry protocols organized by application area, including cell proliferation, apoptosis, immunophenotyping, microbiology, and more. From your mobile device, you can now:

  • Select flow reagents by application area
  • Visualize predicted results for each reagent
  • View streamlined, intuitive protocols
  • Track protocol progress with a built-in timer
  • Troubleshoot your protocols on the go

See all of our Mobile Apps