Organism Type Human 45% RPMI 1640 + 45% McCoy's 5A + 10% FBS split saturated culture 1:8 to 1:10 every 3-4 days (without using trypsin) at 37C with 5% CO2 cell harvest of about 1.4 x 106 cells/ml; doubling time of about 25-30 hours Further information frozen with 70% medium, 20% FBS, 10% DMSO at about 5 x 106 cells/ampoule; negative in DAPI, microbiological culture, RNA hybridization assays Fingerprint: same DNA profile as RD-ES using multiplex PCR at D1S80, D2S44, D17S5 and ApoB Cytogenetics: human flat-moded hypertetraploid karyotype with 4% polyploidy; 103(92-106)<4n>XX, der(X), -X, +1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +6, +6, -14, +17, +18, +6mar, add(X)(p22), del(1)(p22), del(1)(p32p35)x1, der(1)t(1;1)(p32;q11), der(8)t(4;8)(q11;q24), t(9;12)(p12;q13)x2, add(11)(p13), i(13q)x2-3, add(16)(q13), 0-2 dmin/rings present; t(9;12) is associated with benign epithelial tumors; presence of type-2 EWS-FLI1 hybrid transcripts (394 bp) confirmed by RT-PCR Bibliographic references: Oreffo et al., Clin. Orthopaedics Related Res. 296: 229-241 (1993)
Tissues Bone
Phenotype Suspension
Primary no
Application Cell Culture / Growth Conditions

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