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The manufacture of complex biotherapeutics requires novel purification strategies, which may not always exist. Our custom ligand and chromatography resin services enable the development of innovative purification resins, providing a solution for challenging downstream processes.

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Custom services include

  • Custom affinity ligands/resins: Development of product or process-specific CaptureSelect affinity solutions
  • Custom resins: POROS resins tailored to your process requirements based on existing ligands

Our custom services include regulatory support documentation, as well as world-class application support.

Capabilities and experience
We have been developing and manufacturing chromatography resins for more than two decades. Our experienced team of scientists and engineers has a successful track record in resin development, scale-up, and commercialization. Ligand- and resin-manufacturing facilities support the production of prototype affinity resins and scale-up to commercial
lot sizes of 250L.

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Custom affinity ligand/resin

Development of product and/or process-specific CaptureSelect affinity solutions
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Custom POROS Resins

POROS resins tailored to your specific process requirements
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