Life Technologies nucleic acid purification products are optimized to provide maximum yield, purity, and integrity when isolating nucleic acids from cancer-related samples including blood, tissue, and FFPE samples. They are well-suited for use with human specimens and samples obtained from animal models used to study cancer.

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Quantify your purified DNA or RNA

Accurately quantify isolated nucleic acids using the sensitive Qubit® 3.0 Fluorometer.

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Access scientific webinars demonstrating innovative solutions and best practices for isolating nucleic acids from human tissues and blood.

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Sample types and analysis in translational research

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Speaker: Susan Magdeleno, PhD
Ambion® Research & Development
Life Technologies
Duration: 62.42 minutes

Increase your chances of success isolating nucleic acids from FFPE samples: learn how to get to discovery–faster and safer

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Speakers: Emily Zeringer and Marie Gonzalez
Ambion® Research & Development
Life Technologies
Duration: 21.26 minutes