Protein Analysis

Our solutions deliver the analytical specificity, sensitivity, and dynamic range  you need for the analysis of complex biological samples such as plasma, serum, whole blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and oral fluid. Our solutions help you cover research in protein biomarker discovery and validation, cancer research, endocrine research, therapeutic drug monitoring research, Alzheimer's, and more.

Our dedicated clinical research scientists collaborate with scientists like you every day to develop key clinical research workflows  that help you advance your research. We are continually compiling comprehensive workflows with details from sample prep to data analysis along with the associated resources.

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Protein analysis product categories

Discover protein biomarkers that matter using workflows for both unbiased discovery-based (untargeted) and targeted determination of changes in protein abundance.

Streamline your workflows with a variety of sophisticated separation solutions to improve your application and workflow performance.

Solutions you can trust to meet the challenges of clinical research and help you translate your research to future relevant clinical applications

Software solutions designed to solve workflow and analysis specific challenges in the clinical research laboratory

All samples require some form of preparation prior to study or analysis. We offer a variety of solutions to solve your most complex challenges.

The bridge between our technology and your clinical research application need

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Dr. Dutta Discusses Translational and Personal Medicine

Dr. Sucharita Dutta, Eastern Virginia Medical School, describes how LC-HRAM Orbitrap instrument technology is changing the translational and personalized medicine research landscape.

Untargeted and Targeted Protein Studies for Biomarker Discovery using LCMS

Anne Incamps, Project Manager Mass Spectrometry Biomarkers Clinical Diagnostics, discusses how she is using Orbitrap and triple-quad technology to discover and quantify potential biomarkers in disease models.