Vanquish Loop Heart-Cut 2D-LC Systems

Confirm peak purity for more confidence in complex analysis.

Vanquish Loop Heart-Cut 2D-LC Systems

Increase your confidence in peak purity using the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Loop Heart-Cut 2D-LC System. This two-dimensional LC system (LC-LC) enables you to collect one or multiple fractions of the first-dimension separation in a sample loop and transfer the cut-out fraction(s) in an automated workflow to a second-dimension separation. Heart-Cut 2D-LC can reveal hidden impurities that co-elute with the analytes of interest by using two complementary column chemistries to gain more separation power. The system is configured using modules from the Vanquish Core HPLC, Vanquish Flex UHPLC or Horizon UHPLC systems, retaining all the performance, robustness and ease of use of the Vanquish LC platform.


Greater confidence

Collect one or multiple fractions of the first-dimension separation in a sample loop and transfer the cut-out fraction(s) to a second-dimension column with complementary column chemistry in an automated workflow for more confidence in peak purity.


The modularity of Vanquish LC systems makes it easy to build a system to best suit your application requirements and upgrade a standard HPLC instrument to more advanced 2D-LC configurations when you need to address more challenging analyses.

Save time and resources

The integrated LC-LC system in combination with automated workflows, with predefined fractionation and transfer steps, allow for unattended sample analysis while reducing human error and saving time and bench space compared to offline approaches.

Easy and reliable tool-free connections

The Vanquish Loop Heart-Cut 2D-LC system is fitted with Thermo Scientific Viper fingertight fittings, which support near-zero dead volume connections and enable sharper peaks and tool-free setup

CDS software

The Vanquish 2D-LC systems seamlessly integrate with our Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) to deliver superior compliance tools, networking capabilities, automation and data processing. 

What is loop-based heart-cut 2D-LC?

Our loop-based heart-cut 2D-LC system allows you to automate and cut-out fractions(s) of the eluent of the first-dimension (¹D) column into a sample loop to undergo a second separation on a complementary second-dimension (²D) column to resolve difficult or co-eluting peaks.


This flow scheme illustrates a Vanquish Online 2D-LC system for multiple heart-cutting by storing the cut-out fractions in multiple loops before performing a complementary analysis on a second-dimension (²D) column.


System specifications

The table below provides an overview of the Vanquish Loop Heart-Cut 2D-LC system specifications for standard setups. Not all specifications are listed. Specifications may differ based on the specific system components selected. See detailed Component Specifications for more information.

Category Vanquish Loop Heart-Cut 2D-LC Systems
System pressure, maximum 700, 1000 or 1500 bar, depends on system configuration
Flow range 0-5, 0-8 or 0-10 mL/min, depends on pumps selected
Pump options (default delay volume)

Binary (35, 200 or 400 µL)

Quaternary (679 µL)

Dual (679 µL)


Delay volume depends on pump(s) selected

Biocompatible Yes, depends on system configuration
pH range

2–12, chloride concentration up to 1 mol/L

System design Modular
Touchscreen user interface display compatible (optional) Yes, depends on system configuration
Solvent monitoring system compatible (optional) Yes, depends on system configuration
Customizable gradient delay volume to simplify method transfer Yes, depends on system configuration
SmartInject technology for maximum injection precision and improved column lifetime Yes
Injection volume range

Standard: 0.01-25 or 0.01-100 µL (Vanquish Flex/Vanquish Horizon)

Optional: Up to 0.01-100 or 0.01-1000 µL (Vanquish Core)

Depends on sampler selected

Sample cooling

Yes, 4-40°C 

Depends on sampler selected

Sample capacity (standard)

Based on standard 12 mm OD vials (≤ 1.5 mL)

4 racks of 54 vials (≤ 1.5mL) each, other rack formats available
+ capacity of 12 x 22.5 mm OD vials (≤ 10 mL) in the carousel
Sampler extension available Yes, with Vanquish Charger
Column compartment thermostatting

Yes, 5-120°C, depends on column compartment selected

Still air and forced air

Column compartment pre-heater

Active and passive  
Depends on system configuration

Column compartment post-column cooler


Depends on column compartment selected

Detector choices

Vanquish Charged Aerosol Detector

Vanquish Diode array Detector

Vanquish Fluorescence Detector

Vanquish Multiple Wavelength Detector

Vanquish Variable Wavelength Detector

Refractive Index Detector

Mass Spectrometer

Component specifications

Standard Vanquish Loop Heart-Cut 2D-LC systems are made up of the following components. Download the associated specifications sheet for more detail on each component. 

  Vanquish Horizon Loop Heart-Cut 2D-LC System 

Vanquish Flex Loop

Heart-Cut 2D-LC System

Vanquish Core Loop Heart-Cut 2D-LC System



Download Specification Sheet

Vanquish Binary Pump H

Vanquish Binary Pump F
Vanquish Quaternary Pump F
Vanquish Binary Pump F
Vanquish Quaternary Pump F
Vanquish Dual Pump F

Vanquish Binary Pump C
Vanquish Quaternary Pump C
Vanquish Binary Pump C
Vanquish Quaternary Pump C
Vanquish Dual Pump C



Download Specification Sheet

Vanquish Split Sampler HT Vanquish Split Sampler FT Vanquish Split Sampler CT

Extended sample capacity (optional)


Download Specification Sheet

Vanquish Charger

Column compartment


Download Specification Sheet

Vanquish Column Compartment H Vanquish Column Compartment C

Virtually zero dead volume system connections


Download Specification Sheet

Viper Fractionation Loop MP35N: 6823.0030 (250 µL), 6823.0029 (50 µL)

Viper Fractionation Loop MP35N: 6823.0030 (250 µL), 6823.0029 (50 µL)

nanoViper Fractionation Loop, PEEK shielded fused silica  

6826.2420 (20µL), 6826.2450 (50µL), 
6826.2412 (125µL)

Viper Fractionation Loop SST: 6830.2418 (200 µL) 6830.2416 (50 µL) 6830.2416 (20 µL)



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