Vanquish Core HPLC Systems

Simple to the Core

Eliminate disruptions to your routine analytical work with the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Core HPLC systems. No matter which systems you currently use, switching to Vanquish Core is simple and seamless. Empower your operators to deliver more productivity with less work.

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New standards in productivity

As a member of the Vanquish product line, the Vanquish Core HPLC systems share the Vanquish values of hardware precision, detector sensitivity, and simplicity of operation. Vanquish Core HPLC systems deliver exactly what you need for your routine analyses:

  • Improved system productive time through rugged design and self-awareness to reduce unexpected interruptions
  • Seamless method transfer from all common HPLC systems with dedicated hardware and software capabilities
  • Simple integration into existing infrastructure by enabling control under Chromeleon CDS systems
  • Improved personnel satisfaction through intuitive operation and maintenance support
Vanquish Solvent Monitor

Continuous, worry-free operation

The Thermo Scientific Vanquish Solvent Monitor delivers uninterrupted sequence runs through the avoidance of dry solvent channels and supports your laboratory’s compliance efforts through automatically logging eluent changes. Additionally, by monitoring waste container levels, you can ensure your laboratory’s smooth operation by preventing hazardous spills.

Choose from three Vanquish Core HPLC systems

Vanquish Core Quaternary HPLC system

A flexible HPLC system delivering dependable low-pressure quaternary solvent blending. Ideal for routine pharmaceutical applications such as compendium methods.

Vanquish Core Binary HPLC system

Delivering high-performing gradients with consistent binary solvent blending. Ideal for enhancing throughput for routine HPLC applications.

Vanquish Core Isocratic HPLC system

Bringing the excellent precision of the Vanquish platform to basic isocratic applications in a cost-effective way.

Continuous awareness of system status

Continuous awareness of system status

Lab professionals spend a large amount of time interacting with laboratory instruments. The more quickly that operators can understand system status, the more easily they can keep the system delivering results.

With the crisply-designed Thermo Scientific Vanquish User Interface, system health, performance, and equilibration status can be seen at a glance. Additionally, simple maintenance tutorials guide operators to keep the system dependably delivering results. All this can be done remotely or locally, and even when there is no CDS.

Vanquish Core HPLC videos

Easy method transfer with Vanquish Core HPLC

Vanquish User Interface

Vanquish Solvent Monitor

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Chromatography tools

Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) software

Benefit from the industry-leading, easy-to-use Thermo Scientific Chromeleon CDS software with eWorkflow method setup, dedicated ePanels, and smart tools. Chromeleon CDS delivers advanced system communication with single-point intelligent control and functionality, and provides direct plugins for the Vanquish Core HPLC system to other manufacturers' chromatography data systems.

Accucore Vanquish C18
Chromatography columns and consumables

Find the right solutions for your workflow and achieve better separations. Choose from more than 4,000 products across sample preparation and handling through to columns, including products bundles specifically selected for use with Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC systems.

Detector options for all Vanquish UHPLC systems

These detectors provide sensitive, universal detection with a near-uniform response. They measure a wide range of analytes including pharmaceuticals, biomolecules, foods and beverages, specialty chemicals, and polymers.

Variable wavelength detectors combine strong linearity and trace detection capabilities and are well suited for routine use.

Our charged aerosol detectors provide excellent stoichiometric information across all components. Get sensitive, universal detection with a near-uniform response.

RI detection is a cost-effective solution for the analysis of sugars, polymers, surfactants and other compounds that do not contain a chromophore.

These detectors provide maximum stray light suppression for unrivaled detection sensitivity, allowing you to develop highly selective methods with sensitivities three to six orders of magnitude greater than UV detection.

With the ability to switch between nano, capillary, and micro flow rates without tools, these detectors maximize sensitivity by allowing you to obtain accurate gradients at the lowest nano flow rates.

Discover the best HPLC systems for your applications and budget

Discover the best HPLC system for your applications and budget

Use these tools to help you decide

HPLC Systems Selection Guide
Use this tool to rank the top HPLC instruments for your applications based on your responses to simple pull-down menus.

HPLC System Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
Use this tool to estimate your cost for purchasing and running Thermo Scientific HPLC and UHPLC systems. You can compare costs between instruments.

LC Method Transfer Calculator
Use this online calculator to transfer methods from HPLC to UHPLC conditions. Calculate the new gradient table, adjust sample volumes and run times if applicable.

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