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October, 2016

Volume III, Edition 10

Modbus is an industry standard protocol that enables millions of automation devices to communicate digitally over modern Ethernet networks. Consider these 5 tips and tricks when using Modbus:

Simplify the connections


Utilize this option to simplify legacy I/O channels which typically require the operator to run multiple cables down to one single cable. This reduces the possibility of wiring errors and failures. For more details on connecting your Thermo ScientificTM iSeries instrument using Modbus, see  Simplified Digital Connectivity using MODBUS TCP/IP for iSeries Instruments technical bulletin.

Get more data


Analog outputs have a limited number of channels, fixed ranges and calibration requirements. In comparison, Modbus can convey an unlimited number of channels, has no range limitations for each channel and does not require calibration because the data is sent digitally. 

Don't reinvent the wheel


Modbus is a published open standard that enables easy integration of our instruments into your network. Many third party applications and equipment are already enabled to interface via this protocol.

Log health parameters to predict instrument maintenance


You can collect additional data vs. legacy IO that helps with predicting maintenance such as flow/pressure issues. This will allow you to maintain the instrument with less downtime.

Connect, connect, connect!


Easily utilize existing infrastructure to remotely access instrument data from within your facility or anywhere in the world. Also supports up to 3 simultaneous connections at once. 


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Factory repair

Schedule your analyzer, calibrator, probe controller or probe for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) to factory depot repair for complete maintenance and factory specification service.

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