Thermo Scientific automation software platforms

High-performance software control platforms, enhancing both user experience and data aggregation 

Based on the DeltaV control platform, the Thermo Scientific TruBio, TruChrom, and TruPur automation software platforms are highly configurable, user-friendly, and ready to integrate multiple vessels to streamline process control and data collection. The software platforms are capable of controlling many bioreactor systems at a time, from research to production scale applications—combining robust transferability of data, ease of scale-up processes, and innovative technology.

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TruBio, TruChrom, and TruPur software harmonizes and upgrades existing, proprietary upstream and downstream control systems that may no longer meet current bioprocess needs. It is a cost-effective means to extend the useful life of existing capital, unify the user interface for a variety of controllers, and aggregate process data in a common, robust DeltaV historian.

Thermo Scientific TruBio bioprocess control software
TruBio bioprocess control software
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TruBio bioprocess control software

Integrate a wide range of cell culture, fermentation, or mixing vessels together on one control system, and manage a multiple data streams from several unit operations with the Thermo Scientific TruBio configurable upstream software. This platform provides easy-to-process control and is designed to support easy-scaling tech transfer, reducing the time required for validation services.

  • Powered by Emerson Delta control platform and developed according to GAMP 5 methods
  • Conforms to regulatory requirements for use in cGMP-compliant processes
  • Supports SCADA and OPC connectivity to third-party devices
  • Helps to enable the build of sophisticated process control strategies without knowledge of DeltaV programming
  • User interface provides the ability to display pump, gas flow rate, total volume, set point (SP), outputs, and process value (PV)
  • Calibration flexibility even for analog devices
  • Full record and display of the last vessel process information
  • Ability to define set alarm notifications via email and integrate with building alarm
  • Option to save and load previously defined vessel process parameters

TruChrom and TruPur downstream software

Based on the same robust, validated software platform as TruBio, TruChrom and TruPur are designed specifically to control common third-party chromatography and purification skis. This allows for integration and control of downstream processes to ensure transferability of data throughout the workflow.

Thermo Scientific TruChrom downstream software
TruChrom software
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Thermo Scientific TruPur downstream software
TruPur software
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