QuantiGene Singleplex Assay modules

The QuantiGene Singleplex Assay Kit is composed of several modules, each sold separately, depending on sample type of interest. Each of the modules is sold in a multiple sizes. The table below is a guideline for the required modules based on the sample type of interest.

  QuantiGene Singleplex Assay Kit Sample processing kit Sample assessment kit Housekeeping panel QuantiGene Singleplex probe sets
Cultured cells Required Cultured cells n/a Recommended Required
Whole blood or PAXgene blood Required Blood samples n/a Highly recommended Required
animal tissues
Required Animal tissues Optional Highly recommended Required
FFPE tissue
sections or blocks
Required FFPE samples Required Highly recommended Required
Purified RNA
QuantiGene 2.0 Assays How it Works

Video: How it works